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Linkedin Learning Free Course with Certificate | GCP | Azure | Python | ML | AI | Scrum | AWS

Hello everyone, this post is to inform you about that a learning Opportunity from Linkedin Learning towards a high-growth skills so no matter your goal has been launched. For Every Category Linkedin Learning is offering 2 courses consisting Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS, Azure Skills and many more.

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Offer Valid Till May 31st, 2021.

What’s in this offer?

Technical skills are in high demand across the globe right now as companies look to keep their competitive advantage and develop a track record of success through innovation. This year, employees at the LinkedIn Top Companies grew their skills in AWS (up 42%), Python (up 25%), and machine learning (up 23%)—all skills that are driving innovation in nearly every industry. Employees also focused on building skills to collaborate effectively with their colleagues in home offices around the world like Jira (up 31%) and Scrum (up 15%).

Intended Audience: This courses are designed for professionals/ College Students & also a School student can enroll.

Category 1: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • AWS Essential Training for Developers with Jeremy Villeneuve—learn key AWS services, how to decide which will fit your use case, and how to host applications within AWS.
  • Choosing a Cloud Platform for Developers: AWS, Azure and GCP with Xian Ke—Understand the benefits and challenges of developing in the cloud with the top three cloud service providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), as well as how to establish goals and timelines for your cloud migration.

Category 2: Jira

Planning projects, assigning tasks, tracking progress, and releasing results can all be managed in Jira, the popular and collaborative software for development teams.

  • Learning Jira Software with Robert Anthony—Learn the fundamentals of using Jira, including how to create tickets, use advanced search, and set up workflow boards to organize work, through several challenge-and-solution practice scenarios.
  • Jira: Basic Administration with Rachel Wright—Master the tools and best practices to successfully administer and customize a Jira instance, including how to manage users, roles, and groups; create projects; and build new workflows from scratch.

Category 3: Python

Category 4: Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence: Tools and Concepts with Doug Rose—Learn how AI can automate customer service, business logistics, sales, and many other areas of the business, and gain an understanding of top AI tools, including TensorFlow, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. 
  • Big Data in the Age of AI with Barton Poulson—Learn big data’s relationship to AI, data science, social media, and the Internet of Things (IoT), techniques to analyze it, and ethical issues behind its use.

Category 5: Scrum

  • Scrum: The Basics with Kelley O’Connell—Gain a basic understanding of what scrum is and how to start implementing it at work, including how to manage and measure projects, and set manageable improvement goals.
  • Cert Prep: Scrum Master with Kelley O’Connell—Master the foundational knowledge you need to pass several of the leading scrum master exams and become more marketable in your field. 

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