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Metaverse Free Certification | Metaverse Quiz Questions and Answers

Metaverse Free Certification | Metaverse Quiz Questions and Answers

About Quiz :

Check your skill by answering these Metaverse Quiz questions. This quiz will help you to check your knowledge and improve it further. List of the most asked real-world basic to advance level Metaverse Quiz interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced.

Terms and Conditions :

  • Every MCQ set focuses on a specific topic in Metaverse
  • 10 Multiple Choice Questions & Answers in Metaverse with answers
  • This quiz consists of 10 multiple-choice questions.
  • Each question in the quiz is of multiple-choice or “true or false” format
  • You may review your answer choices and compare them to the correct answers after your final attempt

Certificate :

Test your knowledge with Itronix Solutions basic Metaverse Quiz made especially for beginners. Pass the test and get a Certificate of achievement!

Here are the questions and answers :

What was the first metaverse application?

Ans: Second Life

What is the estimated market size for metaverse by 2025?

Ans $280 billion

What was the first mention of Metaverse?

Ans: Snow Crash Novel – 1992

How many technology layers are needed to create the metaverse?

Ans: 7 layers

Which gaming company is the world leader in gaming and perfectly positioned for metaverse platforms?

Ans:Tecent Games

What is metaverse?

Ans: A digital environment complete with augmented reality and virtual reality technologies

Metaverse is a name coined by the sci-fi author.


Does metaverse use blockchain?


What currencies work on metaverse?

Ans:NFT and cryptocurrencies

In metaverse, people will be able to ‘travel’ to remote locations.



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