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CCNA Quiz | CCNA Practice Test | CCNA Exam Questions and Answers

This CCNA Quiz is designed to help you assess your knowledge of basic CCNA Quiz. This is also a useful resource for employers to examine the technical CCNA knowledge of the candidates during an interview or for applicants. If you pass this test with 80% or above (16 questions or more), it is likely that you have pretty solid fundamental knowledge of CCNA .

Which command is necessary to permit SSH or Telnet access to a Cisco switch that is otherwise configured for these vty line protocols?

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– transport input all

 What is the result of issuing the frame-relay map ip 202 broadcast command?

– Defines the DLCI that is used for all packets that are sent to the IP address

 Which IPv6 address is valid?

– 2031:0:130F::9C0:876A:130B

 Assuming the default switch configuration, which VLAN range can be added, modified, and removed on a Cisco switch?

– 2 through 1001

 Which address is the IPv6 all-RIP-routers multicast group address that is used by RIPng as the destination address for RIP updates?

– FF02::9

 What is the alternative notation for the IPv6 address B514:82C3:0000:0000:0029:EC7A:0000:EC72?

– B514 : 82C3 :: 0029 : EC7A : 0 : EC72

 Which protocol is being used when you are utilizing the chat feature of Cisco Unified Personal Communicator?


 The transparent firewall takes advantage of which feature in order to provide this service?


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 A router is running three routing processes: RIP, OSPF, and EIGRP, each configured with default characteristics. Each process learns a route to the same remote network. If there are no static routes to the destination and none of the routes were redistributed, which route will be placed in the IP routing table?

– The route learned through EIGRP

 Which of the following is the broadcast address for a Class B network ID using the default subnetmask?


 You have an IP address of with a subnet mask. What is your class of address, subnet address, and broadcast address?

– Class B, Subnet, Broadcast address

 The combination of _________ and __________ is often termed the local address of the local portion of the IP address

– Subnet number and host number

 __________ is a high performance fiber optic token ring LAN running at 100 Mbps over distances upto 1000 stations connected.


 If you wanted to have 12 subnets with a Class C network ID, which subnet mask would you use?


 _________ implies that all subnets obtained from the same subnet mask.

– Static subnetting

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