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NIT Warangal is offering an online short-term course on Python for Machine Learning- Apply Here

Hi everyone, NIT Warangal is offering online short-term course on Python for Machine Learning so that the participants can improve their skills to cope with the current demand of IT industries and solve many problems in their own field of studies.

The course is offered by the Departments of CSE and Mathematics at NIT Warangal in collaboration with the Center for Continuing Education. Upon successful completion of the course, all participants will get an e-certificate. The course will run from August 16th- 20th, 2021, in the evenings, at 5 P.M. Each session will last around three hours.

Overview of the Course:
This short-term course intends to provide information and training on Python’s basics, as well as many elements and applications in Machine Learning.

Highlights of the Course:

  • The training will last three hours each day and will not interfere with usual business hours.
  • The classes will begin later in the evening, maybe around 5 p.m.
  • Python is used in a hands-on manner.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Python: Installation, Python Editors.
  • Variables, Objects, Operators, Primitive Data Types Compound Data types: List, Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries.
  • Conditional Statements Loops: for, while, do while.
  • Functions, Building your own functions.
  • Numpy: Multi-dimensional Arrays.
  • Matplotlib: 2D and 3D plotting in python Regular Expressions.
  • Scipy: Scientific library for python Pandas: Providing high-performance, easy-to-use data structures.
  • SymPy: Symbolic mathematics and computer algebra.
  • scikit-image: Collection of algorithms for image processing.
  • scikit-learn is a collection of algorithms and tools for machine learning.

Intended Audience:

Faculty members from all disciplines of Engineering, Sciences, Mathematics, Life Sciences, and Management, as well as Post Doctoral Fellows, Research Scholars, PG students, and UG students interested in pursuing a career in Machine Learning using Python, are welcome to register.

How to apply?

On or before July 20, 2021, eligible applicants can apply by filling out the google form and attaching payment evidence.

Registration Fees:

Faculty, Post doctoral fellows , Research Scholars, PG students, UG students: Rs 500
Industry participants: Rs 1000

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