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Security-Driven Networking Quiz NSE 3 Quiz Answers Fortinet


This course introduces you to the key Fortinet products and describes the cybersecurity problems that they solve

Who Should Attend

This course is open to anyone who wants to learn about Fortinet cybersecurity products.

All Fortinet employees and partners are required to obtain NSE 1, NSE 2, and NSE 3 certifications.

  • Security Fabric Overview
  • Security-Driven Networking
  • Zero Trust Access
  • Adaptive Cloud Security
  • Security Operations

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe Fortinet solution key features and the problems they solve
  • Identify the technological trends affecting organizations and the resulting cybersecurity challenges
  • Describe the key features of the products within the solutions and the problems they solve

Find out the questions and answers below :

Question 1: Which Fortinet-built technology allows FortiGate to enable better throughput performance?

  • Automation
  • Secure processing unit
  • Virtual machine
  • Artificial intelligence

Question 2: What is security-driven networking?

  • The integration of networking and security capabilities
  • The enforcement of industry and government compliance
  • The quantification of security measurement through a security rating system
  • The implementation of strong security hygiene for endpoints

Question 3:  When would you use FortiSwitch Cloud?

  • When FortiSwitch devices are directly managed by FortiManager
  • When FortiSwitch devices are deployed as standalones and not in a FortiGate environment
  • When you need to restore FortiSwitch devices from the cloud
  • When FortiSwitch devices are attached and managed by FortiGate Cloud

Question 4: According to the SD-WAN use case, which Fortinet product replaces separate WAN routers, WAN optimization, and some security devices?

  • FortiGate
  • FortiSwitch
  • FortiGuard
  • FortiAI

Question 5: Which technology allows FortiGate to provide deeper integration with FortiAP and switches?

  • FortiLink
  • FortiConnect
  • Security Fabric
  • FortiManager

Question 6: What is the benefit of the Fortinet security rating?   

  • Rates security companies based on their number of high-end security devices
  • Provides a quantifiable measure of a network’s security posture
  • Reports on the number of cyberattacks sustained by a network over an interval of time
  • Reconciles duplicate security policies on FortiGate devices

Question 7: Which operating system is common to all FortiGate devices?

  • FortiOS
  • Windows 10
  • Linux
  • macOS

Question 8: Which three management options can be used to manage FortiAP? (Choose three.)

  • FortiAP Cloud
  • FortiManager
  • FortiGate
  • FortiCloud
  • FortiWeb

Question 9: Which best describes the function of FortiManager?

  • Manages network APs from multiple vendors and ensures a seamless wired and wireless network
  • Integrates with third-party security products to ensure a coordinated defense
  • Manages multiple Fortinet devices from a single console
  • Tests unknown and suspicious code or hyperlinks

Question 10: Which term best describes FortiGate?

  • Next generation firewall
  • Application controller
  • Secure process unit
  • Router

Question 11: Which FortiManager tool enables automation for DevOps and DevSecOps?

  • Scripts and fabric connectors
  • Zero-day detection and response
  • Real-time SLA reporting
  • Role-based access control

Question 12: What is the fundamental function of FortiSwitch?

  • Securely connects devices on a computer network
  • Provides reliable broadband access to the internet
  • Quickly and easily provides LAN guest access
  • Ensures a high-level of operational performance

Question 13: Which best describes the function of the application control feature in FortiGate?

  • Blocks access to malicious or hacked websites
  • Digitally signs applications to guard against tampering
  • Creates policies that allow, deny, or restrict access to applications
  • Micro-segments the network based on the profiles of applications

Question 14: Which product acts as the connection point to the network for wireless devices?

  • FortiWeb
  • FortiConnect
  • FortiExtender
  • FortiAP

Question 15: What is the central purpose of FortiGuard Labs?

  • To stop unauthorized access
  • To check the data integrity of applications
  • To authorize network access based on roles and policies
  • To provide security services

Question 16: A customer states that they want to consolidate network vendors. You learn that they have chosen ServiceNow as their IT ServiceManagement software.Which answer is the best response

  • FortiManager works seamlessly with ServiceNow and supports collaboration between operations and security teams.
  • ServiceNow can simplify firewall management.
  • Our solution has the lowest TCO of any of our competitors.
  • ServiceNow is a good choice.

Question 17: Which feature of FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer makes compliance with government and industry regulations easier?

  • Allows regulators to access network analytics to monitor compliance
  • Detects network breaches and coordinates containment
  • Manages a directory of domain names and their corresponding IP addresses
  • Provides reports designed to accelerate audit readiness



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