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Tata TCS Campus Quiz Challenge 2021 | TATA TCS Events | Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2021

Tata TCS Campus Quiz Challenge 2021 | TATA TCS Events | Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2021

  • Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2021 (“Event/ Quiz”) in the Digital / Online format is an individual participation event and will be completely held online / digitally.
  • This Event is open to only educational institutions located in India.
  • There is NO ENTRY FEE.
  • Any number of individuals from a campus / institute can participate in the Quiz.
  • The Quiz is open to full time students from all disciplines of any under-graduation, degree, or post-graduation courses, across India, but not Junior college students.
  • Individuals need to choose their location in the online registration form based on the place where their campus/ institute is located and not the place of residence of the student.
  • All registered individuals will receive a confirmation message by email once their registration is verified.
  • There will be 24 cluster finals held in this edition and based on the location of the campus/institute as selected in the registration form, individuals will be allotted a cluster from the backend.
  • There will be two levels of online Prelims conducted in this edition of the Event.
  • All registered individuals will be given detailed instructions regarding common all India Level 1 Prelim, prior to the date of the said Prelim.
  • Based on pre-defined scoring parameters, up to top 100* scorers from Level 1 Prelim from each of the 24 clusters at the backend, will qualify for Level 2 Prelims.
  • Top 12 scorers from Level 2 Prelims will be invited for their respective cluster finals, after due verification.
  • If there are any dropouts from the top 12 scorers in any of the cluster, then the next top scorer would be invited for the cluster finals after due verification.
  • Each cluster final will consist of wild card round(s) and final round with top 6 contestants and an overall winner and runner-up.
  • The Winner from each cluster final will be invited to the Zonal Finals. There will be four Zonal Final events and the winner from each Zonal Final would qualify for the National Finals.
  • There will be a Wild Card round with the runners-up from each of the Zonal Finals, so four of them will compete in this Wild Card out of which the top two will qualify for the National Finals.
  • In all, there will be 6 National Finalists, 4 Zonal Winners and 2 from the Wild Card round for Zonal Runners-up.
  • The top scorer in the National Finals will be declared as Winner.
  • All participants are required to have valid photo identity proof of the campus/ institute that they are representing and produce the same on demand. Normal photo identity proof like PAN card, Voter ID , etc are not valid identity proofs for the purposes of this Quiz. In the event of a college ID card not being available or not as per the specifications, the organiser would request the participant to provide a validation letter from the institute confirming the credentials of the participating student.


The 2021 edition of Tata Crucible Campus Quiz will be held completely online right from registrations to prelims and also the quiz finals.

  • 2 Prelims
  • 24 cluster finals including wild card round
  • 4 Zonal Finals and 1 Wild Card round for Zonal runners-up
  • 1 National Final

Clusters – For this edition the country has been divided into 24 clusters and the quiz finals will be held for these 24 clusters. These clusters are based on the location of work. Individuals need to select their correct location of work in the online registration form as that would become the basis of allotting the cluster to them.

Level 1 Prelim

  • This will be a pan-India prelim for all participants.
  • This is a software-based round.
  • The top 100* from each of the 24 clusters will progress to Level 2 prelim. Total 1200 qualify.

Level 2 Prelim

  • This level is for the top 1200 (top 100 from each cluster).
  • Top scorers from Level 1 prelim will receive communication from organisers if they qualify for Level 2 prelims.
  • This too is a software-based round.
  • 30 questions. 15 minutes.
  • The top 12 from each of the 24 clusters will progress to the Cluster Finals – Wild Card Round, after due validation process. If there are any drop-outs or if participation of any of the top 12 scorers is considered invalid at this stage, then the next top scorers from 13th spot onwards will be invited to complete the 12 spots for the finals. Totally 288 participants will qualify.

Wild Card Round

  • The top 12 from each of the 24 clusters, after due validation, will participate in the wild card round.
  • The cluster wild card round will have two rounds of 6 participants each.
  • This too is a software-based round.
  • From each of these 2 wild card rounds the top 3 will qualify for the actual cluster final.

Actual Cluster Final

  • The top 6 from the cluster Wild Card finals will take part in the Actual Cluster Final.
  • The top scorer from this final will be declared as winner and second top scorer will be declared as runner-up.
  • The winners at the cluster final level will qualify for the semi finals.

Zonal Finals

  • The 24 clusters will be further segregated into 4 Zones – East, West, North and South and each Zone will comprise of 6 clusters.
  • The winner from each of the 24 cluster finals will be part of the Zonal Finals, based on the Zone under which their cluster belongs.
  • From each of the 4 Zonal Finals, the winner will qualify for the National Final directly.
  • For the runners-up from each of the 4 Zonal Finals, a Wild Card Final will be conducted and from this 2 will qualify for the National Finals.

National Finals

  • The 6 finalists, comprising of 4 winners from Zonal Finals and 2 from the Zonal Wild Card Finals, will compete in the National Finals.
  • The top scorer will be crowned the National Champion.


National Final Winner:
Grand Cash Prize of Rs.2.5 Lakhs**

Cluster Final Winner:
Cash Prize of Rs.35,000/-**

Cluster Final Runner-Up:
Cash Prize of Rs.18,000/-**

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