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IIITM Kerala offers 4-Weeks Free Course with FREE Certificate | Blockchain Free Course with Certificate

Hello Everyone, this post is to inform you about that 4-Weeks Short Term Free Course with FREE Certificate offered by Digital university Kerala formerly known as Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management, Kerala “IIITM Kerala “on Blockchain Technologies for a wide age group ranging from school students to graduates. If you complete this course, then you will get a free certificate from Digital University, Kerala (DUK) without any examination.

About Course –

The course is designed to provide candidates of any background with a well-rounded understanding of Blockchain basics and its key components. The free program provides a foundational understanding of how blockchain works and how companies use its potential to solve real business problems. The foundation program tour across the inner workings and mechanics of the blockchain by explaining concepts like decentralization, peer-to-peer networking, smart contract automation, and many more. The course acts as a one-stop dictionary of blockchain explaining important blockchain principles in succinct terms while also providing a comprehensive list of additional resources that you can reference afterwards.

The program covers lessons on key areas of starting up, basic principles and patterns, business canvas exercises, valuable entrepreneurial concepts over blockchain-focused projects, and the development of business essential deliverables. Students can experience a sampling of the ideas and techniques explored in various Blockchain Start-ups via lecture notes, handouts, use-cases, and more.

Course Includes

This course will help realize your Blockchain Entrepreneurship dream.

  • Instructor-led Virtual Classroom
  • Live Stream Class Recordings
  • 14 Days Training + 16 Hours Coursework
  • Lifetime Content Access
  • Self-Rating Questionnaire
  • Scoring and Correction Factor Sheet
  • Business Plan Template
  • Certificate on Public Blockchain

Who Can Attend :

Any individual dreaming of a successful entrepreneurship career. Industrialists who are interested in the potential impact of blockchain. Entrepreneurs dreaming bigger innovation within the blockchain space. Entrepreneurs looking to boost their existing business models with the power of blockchain. Tech enthusiasts are interested in the latest developments in blockchain.


  • Skills to develop great ideas and build your own blockchain business.
  • Identification of entrepreneurial opportunities and strengthening potentials.
  • Improvisation of strategic decision-making, and build innovative business models.
  • Key deliverables like idea generation, company formation, finance, marketing, and acquisitions.
  • Identification of value proposition that sets you apart from the competition.

Prerequisites : NIL

Certificate of Completion : Yes. A minimum of 60% of marks in both theory and project report is mandatory for earning your certification in CBS.

Get Course Details: CLICK HERE


Offilicial Website of Digital University Kerala : CLICK HERE

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