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SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam Answers


SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam Answers

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Certification Exam Answers 2020. 100% correct answers and covered every single possible question for free.

Question 1: Position Tracking allows users to track a website’s search visibility across multiple devices (desktop, phone and tablet) and locations (down to the ZIP Code level) in one project.

  • False
  • True

Question 2: The Backlink Analytics report helps users compare backlink metrics for several URLs.

  • False
  • True

Question 3: You CANNOT compare more than three domains with the help of Keyword Gap.

  • True
  • False

Question 4: What is the point of the ‘Traffic Cost’ metric in the SEMrush Organic Research Positions Report? What does this metric mean?

  • Traffic cost is an amount of money made with Google AdSense
  • Traffic cost is an estimation of how much it would cost to bid on organic keywords through Google Ads
  • Actually, this screenshot is taken from the Paid Search Positions Report
  • Traffic cost is a value entered by a user
  • Traffic cost is an estimation of the budget for a Google AdSense campaign

Question 5: Which SEMrush tool will guide you through the first steps in creating new content for target keywords?

  • SEO Content Template
  • Position Tracking
  • My Reports
  • On Page SEO Checker
  • Organic Traffic Insights

Question 6: Look at the image below. Where should you click to learn about toxic markers of the first backlink in the list?

  • 2
  • 4
  • 1
  • 3

Question 7: Which issue type reported by the Site Audit tool is most severe?

  • Errors
  • Warnings
  • Notices
  • Tips

Question 8: Look at these keyword lists generated by the Keyword Magic Tool. Keywords from which list are more difficult in terms of bypassing your competitors in organic search?

  • 1
  • They are equally difficult
  • 2
  • There is not enough information to determine

Question 9: The Traffic Analytics tool provides information about traffic driven to websites by different search engines EXCEPT…

  • Bing
  • All of them are included in the tool
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Teoma
  • Google
  • Ask

Question 10: The My Reports tool allows you to… Choose three answers.

  • Export keywords to Excel
  • Personalize reports by inserting a logo
  • Invite others to edit your templates
  • Create custom reports from scratch
  • Schedule reports

Question 11: What does the SEMrush Sensor score refer to?

  • SERP structure
  • SERP features usage
  • Number of Google updates
  • Fluctuation of a user’s website in SERP rankings
  • SERP volatility

Question 12: Which tool helps you better understand what’s happening on your website and improve your SEO strategy based on your actual traffic statistics?

  • On Page SEO Checker
  • Backlink Audit
  • Position Tracking
  • Organic Traffic Insights

Question 13: You are going to check your site’s technical health, but you need to exclude a part of your website from the analysis. What is the easiest way to do this with the help of SEMrush?

  • Use the Site Audit Disallow Rules
  • Use the Site Audit Allow Rules
  • Block the bot from crawling sitemaps
  • Delete a part of your website
  • Alter your robots.txt file

Question 14: Which domain shown in the picture was the most popular worldwide in August 2018?

  • weebly.com
  • dailymotion.com
  • google.cl
  • aol.com
  • thepiratebay.org

Question 15: Position Tracking Visibility is another name for Average Position.

  • True
  • False

Question 16: Listing Management allows you to manage your business data (like address, phone number, business hours, and payment methods) in different directories at once.

  • False
  • True

Question 17: Which tool can help you find a way to rank higher for target keywords?

  • Brand Monitoring
  • My Reports
  • On Page SEO Checker
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Position Tracking

Question 18: The Link Building tool helps users enrich their sites’ backlink profiles. The tool can be integrated with Google Search Console. What will this integration do?

  • Provide users with more domain prospects to earn backlinks from
  • Prioritize your prospects by analyzing the popularity of the keywords your site is ranking for
  • Specify a list of prospects by excluding sources from which you’ve already acquired backlinks
  • Make your assessment of backlink prospects’ ratings more precise

Question 19: Mark the three statements that desсribe the Keyword Difficulty tool’s functionality.

  • You can find out if the analyzed keywords result in SERP features
  • You can filter out keywords by Difficulty, Volume and Number of Results
  • You can find out how hard it is to improve your rankings for given keywords in organic results
  • You can analyze up to 500 keywords simultaneously
  • You can see SERP snapshots for each analyzed keyword
  • You can assess keywords’ cost per click

Question 20: Look at the table from the Backlink Gap tool. What do the numbers in the last five columns show?

  • The total number of analyzed domains that a
  • specific referring domain (listed in the first row) links to
  • How many backlinks from referring domains (listed in the first row) each of the analyzed domains (listed in the first column) has
  • How many backlinks from referring domains (listed in the first column) each of the analyzed domains (listed in the first row) has
  • The total number of analyzed domains that a specific referring domain (listed in the first column) links to

Question 21: Which tool allows you to compare backlink profiles for more than 6 domains at the same time?

  • Backlink Analytics
  • Backlink Audit
  • Bulk Analysis
  • Backlink Gap

Question 22: To get the most precise and recent data about traffic and user behavior for your website SEO Dashboard allows you to connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console to it.

  • False
  • True

Question 23: Which tool provides you with information about your competitors’ paid and organic search, display advertising and backlinks on one page?

  • Traffic Analytics
  • Position Tracking
  • Organic Research
  • Domain Overview



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