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Managing Stress and Effectively coping during the COVID-19 pandemic Certificate by Amity Future Academy | Free Certifications by Amity Future Academy

AAPLY LINK: Managing Stress and Effectively coping during the COVID-19 pandemic

Here is the certificate which will be provided by completing the course

covid 19 certification

The current Covid-19 pandemic has Challenged not only entire healthcare systems but also thousands of health care providers who are increasingly dealing with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. This webinar aims to identify the psychological challenges facing health care professionals, provide a context for recognizing these challenges, and provide practical advice and recommendations to help facilitate dealing with and enhance emotional functioning.

Objectives to Learn:

The attendee should be able to conclude this lecture by:

  • Articulate reasons why mental health problems are possible during the current pandemic and raise significant concerns.
  • Identify warning signs which indicate stress and difficulties in dealing with it.
  • Initiate steps for self-care and emotional functioning, and improve them.
  • Discuss the concepts of successful coping with mates and colleagues.
  • Build a culture of the organization that promotes mental health.

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