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Here are the answers of the quiz:

Question 1)Who coined the term AI?

A. Herbert Simon

B. John Nash

C. John McCarthy

D. Marvin Minsky

Question 2)What is AlphaGo ?

A. New programming language

B. Google’s AI program that beat human Go player

C. Initial version of Go language

D. IBM’s Deep Blue program that beat Kasporov in Chess

Question 3)What is AI?

A. Simulation of human intelligence using artificial device

B. Simulation of computer intelligence into Humans

C. Augmented intelligence

Question 4)AI has nothing to do with?

Select one:

A. Face Recognition

B. Siri

C. Voice Recorder

D. Google Search

Question 5)What is Machine Learning ?

A. Making Robots

B. Writing Intelligent Algorithm

C. Making computer programs learn own from data

D. Doing reasoning

Question 6)What field of scientists are involved into developing Artificial intelligence?

A. Physicists & Astrologers

B. Mathematics, Engineering, Economics, Psychology

C. Aerodynamics, Space and Computer Scientists

D. Doing reasoning

Question 7

Which scientist first proposed various fields of AI?

A. Marvin Minsky

B. John McCarthy

C. Herbert Simon

D. John Nash

Question 8

Select all the options which are the correct way of naming a variable:

Select one or more:

A. @x123

B. _123

C. 12abc

D. Abc_123

Question 9

What is the output of the following:



Select one:

A. str

B. int

C. Boolean

D. error

Question 10

What is the output of the following:

Select one:

A. str

B. int

C. boolean

D. error

Question 11

Which binary operator is used to find the remainder of a division operation:

Select one:

A. /

B. //

C. %%

D. %

Question 12

Consider a tuple a = (1,5,10). Which is the correct way of inserting a value of 4 between 1 and 5.

Select one:

A. insert(5,4)

B. a[1] = 4

C. a.append(4)

D. Not possible

Question 13

Consider a list: X = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10] Which is/are the correct way to get the output [7,8,9,10]

Select one or more:

A. X[-4:-1]

B. X[7:10]

C. X[6:]

D. X[6:11]

E. X[6:10]

Question 14

Consider a list: X = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10] Which is/are the correct way to get a list of 3,6,9

Select one or more:

A. X[2:9:3]

B. list((X[2],X[5],X[8]))

C. X [-2:-9:-3][::-1]

D. [X[2],X[5],X[8]]

Question 15

Consider a list X = [2,4,6,8]. Which of the following commands would result in [4, 8, 12, 16]

Select one or more:

A. [value*2 for _, value in enumerate(X)]

B. X * 2

C. [value*2 for value in X]

D. list(map(lambda a : a * 2, X))

Question 16

Consider a series: X = pd.Series([1,2,3,4]) Which of the following is/are the correct way(s) of accessing the second element?

Select one:

A. X[1]

B. X.loc[1]

C. X.iloc[1]

D. All of the above

Question 17

Two events are mutually exclusive if:

Select one:

A. P(A ∩ B) = 0

B. P(A|B) =0

C. P(B|A) =0

D. All of the above

Question 18

The expected value of a random variable, which is the center of a distribution is also known as

Select one:

A. Median

B. Mean

C. Mode

D. None of the above

Question 19

Marginal probability of an event comprises of joint probabilities of events that are

Select one:

A. Independent

B. Mutually exclusive

C. Collectively exhaustive

D. Mutually exclusive and Collectively exhaustive

Question 20

If an outcome of an event X is not impacted by the outcome of another event Y, then

Select one:

A. X and Y are Statistically Independent

B. X and Y are Mutually exclusive

C. X and Y are a part of Bayesian Inference

D. None of the above

Question 21

Computation of ___ is used to summarize a categorical variable.

Select one:

a. Standard deviation

b. Frequency

c. Mean

d. Variance

Question 22

Rows in a dataset suggests:

Select one:

a. Features

b. Objects

c. Attributes

d. Dimensions

Question 23

Type of graph used to represent the relationship between two features of a dataset:

Select one:

a. Bar graph

b. Scatter Plot

c. Histogram

Question 24

What defines the normal distribution of a variable?

Select one:

a. Frequency of the variable

b. Variance

c. Mean and standard distribution

d. Mean and Variance

Question 25

The graph used to represent the trend of students attending the video lecture from 2nd January to 10th January is ____

Select one:

a. Histogram

b. Scatter plot

c. Bar Graph

Question 26

What is the mean and standard deviation of a standard normal distribution?

Select one:

a. mean = 1, standard distribution =0

b. mean = 10.2, standard distribution = 6.7

c. mean = 0, standard distribution =1

d. mean = 2.8, standard distribution = 3

Question 27

Consider one dimensional data set with variable X =[4,4,4,4,4,4,4] . What is the standard deviation of X?

Select one:

a. One

b. Zero

c. Two

d. Three

Question 28

Which plot is the best fit for the depiction of Linear regression?

Select one:

a. Bar plot

b. Scatter Plot

c. Histogram

d. None of the above

Question 29

Regression models are also said to be _________ models.

Select one:

a. Interpretable

b. Noninterpretable

Question 30

Which of the following is an example of unsupervised learning?

Select one:

a. Given a set of news articles found on the web, group them into set of articles about the same story

b. Given email labeled as spam/not spam, learn a spam filter

c. Both A & B

d. Neither A nor B

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