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Mobile App Marketing free certification Answers by amity Future Academy

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Q1)Which of the following is not an activity in mobile marketing

Select one:

A. Acquisition

B. Personalization

C. Activation

D. Retention

Question 2

Which of the following are factors in the ranking algorithm of Apple App Store?

Select one:

A. Installs

B. Ratings & Rating Count

C. Trends

D. All Above

Question 3

Which of the following you will use to improve ratings? (Select 3 correct options)

Select one or more:

A. Responding to negative reviews

B. Collecting in- app feedback

C. Improving on-boarding experience

D. Corporate communication


Question 4

Which of the following techniques will you use for generating traffic? (Select 3 correct options)

Select one or more:

A. App Store Optimization (ASO)

B. Social Media Marketing

C. Lead generation

D. Content Marketing

Question 5

Which of the followings are a part of app store optimization? (Select 3 correct options)

Select one or more:

A. Listing Localization

B. Personalization

C. Descriptive title

D. App preview video

Question 6

App store optimization is a process of maximizing more traffic to your website.

Select one:

A. False

B. True

Question 7

Universal app campaign (Google Ads) allows you not to advertise on which of the following network?

Select one:

A. Google Play Store

B. Apple App Store

C. Google Display network

D. YouTube

Question 8

Question text

Which of the following is not a form of mobile ads

Select one:

A. Automated ads

B. Native ads

C. Banner ads

D. Rich media ads

Question 9

The ads which are designed to blend in with the natural mobile environment and be perceived as part of the app are called

A. Rich media ads

B. Native ads

C. Interstitial ads

D. Banner ads

Question 10

Which of the following marketing campaigns use a model of install efficiency?

Select one:





Question 11

Which of the following can be described as an “engagement” activity for the CPE model?

Select one or more:

A. Writing a review

B. Deleting the app

C. Completing registration

D. Reaching level X

Question 12

CPI campaigns only charge advertisers for confirmed installs

Select one:

A. True

B. False

Question 13

________ is the first step in user interaction with your mobile app.

Select one:

a. Activation

b. Retention

c. Acquisition

Question 14

An __________ is a written response that users leaves with feedback

Select one:

a. App Content

b. App Review

c. App Rating

Question 15

Rating can be improved by ZMOT ( Zero moment of truth)

Select one:



Question 16

App store optimization(ASO) is not the process of maximizing the visibility and conversion rate to install of a mobile app in order to drive more downloads

Select one:



Question 17

Your app icon should not be engaging but just eye catching

Select one:



Question 18

Match the following –

Developers—Will find out pros and cons the app, the general overview of customer satisfaction, the bugs that need fixing.

 New User——Will have an insight of the app, as what to expect from it

 Current User—-Will have an opportunity to direct access to the developer and give their independent point of view that plays a significant role in this marketing.

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