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Digital Marketing Strategies Quiz Answers – Amity Future Academy

Question 1

Marketing is the steps that an organization takes _____?

Select one:

A. To make customers want to buy their product

B. To create needs for products that the organization is selling

C. To make it easier for the same person to sell their products

Question 2

What according to you is Marketing Insight?

Select one:

A. Analytical reporting of data

B. The information about a consumer/customer that is not made available only through research

C. Data driven information

Question 3

With respect to the concept of Brand Architecture, Airtel is a _____?

Select one:

A. Product Brand

B. Family Brand

C. Corporate Brand

Question 4

Asking a question on Quora to find out which car to buy is like ______?

Select one:

A. Visiting Social Media site

B. Visiting a review site

C. Visiting an eCommerce platform

Question 5

A sales person uses his personal LinkedIn profile to acquire customers is called?

Select one:

A. Social Selling

B. Creating Customer Experience

C. Marketing Communication

Question 6

Creating a great looking User Interface (UI) is investing in what?

Select one:

A. Mobility

B. Customer Experience

C. Navigation

Question 7

What according to Prof. Digital Marketing is?

Select one:

A. Is a medium

B. Is a platform

C. Is a channel

Question 8

Putting an ad not on your own company website but another website is called as?

Select one:

A. Social Media Marketing

B. Affiliate Marketing

C. eCommerce

Question 9

According to Prof. Diptarup Chakraborti, Digital Marketing?

Select one:

A. has Zero Wastage

B. is Completely Measurable

C. has more Returns on Investment than Traditional Marketing

Question 10

When a consumer wants to buy a mobile phone and visits various websites for research he/she is in which stage of the marketing funnel?

Select one:

A. Interest

B. Desire

C. Awareness

Question 11

A customer buys a car and likes it so much that he starts telling all his friends to buy it. This is called as?

Select one:

A. Zero Moment of Truth

B. Second Moment of Truth

C. First Moment of Truth

Question 12

In a B2B buying cycle, a prospect asking for a product demo indicates?

Select one:

A. Evaluation

B. Consideration

C. Intent

Question 13

Which of the following is not a digital marketing channel?

Select one:

A. Blogs

B. Digital board at a railway station

C. Smart Phones

Question 14

Creating a thought leadership white paper is a content for which stage of the B2B marketing funnel?

Select one:

A. Consideration

B. Intent

C. Awareness

Question 15

Retweeting a post of a company/product by a customer is which part of the marketing funnel in a social media campaign?

Select one:

A. Advocacy

B. Purchase

C. Intent

Question 16

Which of the following would you measure during the TOP of the Funnel stage?

Select one:

A. Repeat Visitors

B. Web Traffic

C. Form Fills

Question 17

Referrals is at which of the following stage of the buying cycle?

Select one:

A. Purchase

B. Middle of The Funnel

C. Post Purchase

Question 18

Customer’s lifetime purchases that generate net present value of future profit streams is called?

Select one:

A. customer purchases value

B. customer lifetime value

C. customer cost incurred

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