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International Forensic Science Organisation Provides Forensic Education-it also provides e-study, virtual education, and training on corresponding courses via distance learning or online.
IFS is registered with Central Govt., State Govt., ISO 9001-2015 Certified Department of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Govt. IFS is mainly working for Crime Investigation and Expert Opinion with many govt opinions like SSC, DRDO, Security and Exchange Board of India, and other Government departments. IFS is appointed as an investigation department, it is not a degree awarding institute, college or university but an organization that works on various investigation and expert advice.
Their courses are simple and cost-effective, students can join a program from virtual set up anywhere and anytime. They have this dedicated system of online and open education where students can have a meaningful interaction with the instructors via the internet and emails without leaving home. They also have free job placement assistance. For more information, you can visit their website


Q1 – A forensic autopsy is used to determine ……….

A) Cause of death

B) Identity of victim

 Q2 – Switching the phone off causes the loss of all data stored in ……..

A) Sim Card / ROM

B) Random Access Memory

 Q3 – Expert opinion is given under –

A) Section 75 of Indian Evidence Act

B) Section 45 of Indian Evidence Act

 Q4 – A microscope that is used to analyze side-by-side specimens is known as ……..

A) Comparison Microscope

B) Phase Contrast Microscope

 Q5 – The first responder to a crime scene does which of the following ?

A) Safety and secure the crime scene

B) Photography

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