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CockroachDB for Python Developers Final Exam Answers – Cockroach University


  • Create an account at and use the “Create Cluster” button
  • Install CockroachDB and run cockroach start
  • Connect to the CockroachDB SQL shell and run CREATE CLUSTER
  • Contact your account manager at Cockroach Labs
  • The index on just the last_name column
  • The index on both the last_name and first_name columns
  • The index on just the first_name column

Answer: 5024858.67

  • Updates an existing location history row
  • Updates an existing vehicle row
  •  Updates an existing location history row
  • Resets the vehicle associated with a location history
  • Finds all the location history entries for a vehicle
  • Finds a vehicle by its ID
  • Adds a new vehicle row
  • Adds a new location history row
  • id
  • hire_date
  • region
  • level
  • salary
  • A join cannot be avoided with this query
  • A new row will be added to books with book_id=1, author_id=4, title=NULL
  • A new row will be added to books with book_id=1, author_id=4, title=”Native Son”
  • A new row will be added to authors with id=4, book_id=1, name=NULL
  • An error will occur

Answer: 3rd Option

CREATE INDEX ON customers(state);

CREATE INDEX ON customers(zip);

CREATE INDEX ON customers(id);

CREATE INDEX ON customers(state,zip);

CREATE INDEX ON customers(id,zip);

CREATE INDEX ON customers(id,zip,state);

Answer: 4th Option

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