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Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Assessment 1 Answers

1. Google Tag Manager helps you manage your website in which of the following ways?

(select all answers that apply)

  • Simplify and speed up tag deployment
  • Specify when tags should fire
  • Manage different versions of tags
  • Increase audience reach

2. Google Tag Manager can only be used with Google tags

  • True
  • False

3. To create a tag implementation plan, what are the recommended guidelines?

(select all answers that apply)

  • Decide which of your existing site tags you can move into Tag Manager
  • Decide what static and dynamic values you’ll want to pass from your website
  • Choose which tags can collect the data you need
  • Decide which Tag Manager account to link to Google Analytics

4. Which Tag Manager tag would you use to track metrics and dimensions in Google Analytics?

  • DoubleClick Floodlight Counter tag
  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking tag
  • Google Ads Remarketing tag
  • Google Analytics Pageview tag

5. What is stored in a Tag Manager container?

  • A grouping of all of your Tag Manager accounts
  • A collection of variables defined in Tag Manager
  • A Javascript object that holds data passed from your website
  • A collection of website tags and triggers

6. What is a “container snippet” in Tag Manager?

  • Javascript code placed on each page of your website
  • A Javascript object that holds data passed from your website
  • A collection of website tags and triggers
  • Analytics tracking code

7. A Tag Manager account allows you to do which of the following?:

(select all answers that apply)

  • Manage tags for one or more websites
  • Manage user permissions in your Google Analytics account
  • Connect multiple Tag Manager accounts to a single Google account
  • Control access permissions to a Tag Manager account

8. What is a “trigger” in Tag Manager?

  • A trigger determines which events fire on your website
  • A trigger instantiates the data layer
  • A trigger fires a tag in response to a website event
  • A trigger publishes a tag to your website

9. What are the three parts of a trigger in Tag Manager?

  • Variables, operators, and values
  • Operators, tags, and variables
  • Variables, operators, and the data layer
  • Tags, values, and the push method

10. How do you enable a built-in variable in Tag Manager?

  • Publish the built-in variable in the Publish Now area
  • Create a user-defined variable in the Variables tab
  • Select the built-in variable in the Variables tab
  • Uncheck the built-in variable in the Variables tab

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