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JNCIA-Junos Practice Test Two Exam Answers

  • It is rate limited to avoid DDoS attacks.
  • Exception packets are sent to the Routing Engine for processing.
  • EX Series
  • MX Series           
  • SRX Series
  • J Series
  • M Series
  • MX Series
  • Junos OS images are platform-specific.
  • All variants of Junos OS are based on the same base-level software.
  • save <filename>
  • edit
  • up
  • Spacebar
  • Commit all changes at once, whenever ready.
  • rollback 0
  • commit confirmed
  • rollback
  • candidate configuration
  • 50
  • rollback 1
  • commit check
  • file compare files File-A File-B
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are configured under the logical unit.
  • Physical parameters such as MTU, duplex mode, and speed are configured under the interface name.
  • Multiple families and addresses can be configured under the same logical unit.
  • interface so-1/1/2
  • monitor interface
  • inet
  • set interfaces ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family inet address
  • A logical unit is always required.
  • The interface is administratively up, but the link status is down.
  • as many as you want
  • set interfaces fe-0/0/0 mtu 1200
  • Logical units are always required for any interface configured with logical addresses such as IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Logical unit 0 is the only value allowed on interfaces running HDLC or PPP encapsulations.
  • 0
  • unit 0
  • IP address
  • DLCI
  • show chassis hardware
  • show chassis alarms
  • show chassis environment
  • show chassis craft-interface
  • show chassis routing-engine
  • monitor traffic interface interface-name
  • user@host> ping
  • tcpdump
  • It receives ICMP time-exceeded packets.
  • It transmits UDP packets.
  • user@host# set interfaces ge-0/0/0 gigether-options loopback
  • egress interface name
  • discard
  • next hop IP address
  • It is an alternative next hop for a static route.
  • It allows independent protocol preference for static routes.
  • It is referred to as a floating static route.
  • They share network layer reachability information among neighbors.
  • They are scalable.
  • They automate next-hop decisions.
  • greater network scalability
  • lower administrative overhead
  • increased network availability

The route is sent to the default policy.

  • accept
  • set term 1 from destination-address
  • Apply an export policy within RIP that matches on the routes and then accepts them.
  • Accept all BGP routes and import into inet.0.
  • Advertise all active BGP routes.
  • It advertises the route according to BGP rules.
  • insert term 4 before term 1
  • insert term 1 after term 2

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