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Getting Started With Google Analytics 360 Assessment 2 Answers

1. What is BigQuery?

  • Data Visualization Tool
  • Data Warehouse
  • Dynamic Optimization Tool
  • Data Transfer Service

2. Which of the following are benefits of using BigQuery to analyze your Analytics 360 data? (select three)

  • You can access hit-level data
  • You can query unsampled user page paths
  • You can create fast, easy-to-share dashboards and charts
  • You can combine your Analytics 360 data with data from other sources

3. What reporting objectives can be accomplished in BigQuery but not within the Google Analytics interface? (select two)

  • Analyzing and visualizing Source/Medium values for all website users.
  • Reporting on e-commerce transaction rates for each brand of your business.
  • Reporting on the amount of time between events occurring across multiple sessions.
  • Reporting on the unsampled pageview paths that users followed.

4. What needs to be created before completing the BigQuery integration with Analytics 360?

  • Data Table
  • Google Drive
  • BigQuery API
  • Google Cloud Platform Project

5. Using the BigQuery Export schema, which of the following fields are available in BigQuery?

  • Custom dimensions, landing page, hit number, client ID
  • Clicks, impressions, hit number, client ID
  • Custom channel groups, landing page, time on page
  • Custom dimensions, hit number, client ID

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