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Cockroach University Free SQL Database Course with Certificate | WIN an IPad with free goodies

Cockroach University Free SQL Database Course with Certificate | WIN an IPad with free goodies

Hi everyone, so Cockroach University has launched a new course on SQL DataBAse. This course is designed to teach you all of CockroachDB’s unique schema design features and best practices. It includes a series of videos, exercises, and a final exam.

More specifically you will:

  • Learn common schema design patterns and anti-patterns
  • Understand CockroachDB’s unique schema design features
  • Create and alter tables with (and without) primary keys

Benefits :

If you complete the course you will get Free Certificate of Completion. First 50 people to enroll in the course and pass the final exam will be entered into a raffle to win a brand new iPad! The winner will be announced on August 18th,2021

Summary of the course :

This course represents the first steps of learning about Schema Design with CockroachDB.

There are many ways to organize information in a database. CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database, which brings new capabilities to the world of relational SQL databases. How you organize information through schema design in CockroachDB can have positive or negative impacts on, for example, query performance or inserting new data. In this course, we lay a foundation for best practices in schema design by giving you an overview of the unique CockroachDB schema features available. We then highlight some common design patterns and anti-patterns that are relevant when designing a schema for CockroachDB.

Knowing what’s available, and how to use it, will help you build better schema and provide you with the basic vocabulary of CockroachDB.

Sample Cockroach DB Certificate :

cockroach university free certificate


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