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Microsoft Free Goodies | Microsoft Free Certification Exam Vouchers | Microsoft Students Ambassador Program 2021

Microsoft Free Goodies | Microsoft Free Certification Exam Vouchers | Microsoft Students Ambassador Program 2021

Hello everyone there is a Microsoft Student Ambassador Program for the year 2021 that is live now. Anyone can apply for it. It is a Great opportunity to work with Microsoft Teams. You also have a chance to get free Goodies, Swags, exciting prizes, and T-shirts. And you will also get Microsoft Certification Exam Vouchers.

This post includes the following sections:

  • Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Program — about, eligibility, timeline, qualifications and everything you need to know.
  • Why you should apply for this program — the perks and other benefits.
  • Complete step by step guide to the application process/selection process.

What is Student Ambassdor Program:

Campus lawyers act as a liaison between the company and their university. They are the main and direct link to the company and it is the voice of the company on their campus. They also have leadership qualities, take action, and cost money on campus. Because of this, they have influence as well.

They have all the right contacts, and both, students and professionals. The great part of this link is that a university member does not have to come directly to the company, he can go to the embassy. The ambassador is more accessible and accessible than the company. They can be very helpful because of the responsibility they have.

Who Can Apply/Elligibility: Students planning to work with Microsoft.

Being a campus Ambassador What is your Responsibility?

The Campus Ambassador is responsible for funding the company with which they are incarcerated. To do this, the following activities must be performed by them on their campuses:

  • Disseminate awareness about their student community service product.
  • Schedule campus events that advertise the company. These events can work together by seizing questionnaires to clear up any doubts that some students may have about the company.
  • Provide product demonstrations. They can also hold conferences and workshops to help students understand the true value of their product.
  • They also need to improve program-oriented marketing and access programs/campaigns. Companies often need their Ambassadors to collect important university answers about the company itself.

Why you should apply?

  • Make a difference with students from around the world.
  • Grow your skills and build your reputation as a tech insider.
  • Become a leader in your local tech community and empower your peers.

Benefits of this Program:

  • Free Certification exam vouchers.
  • Free Access to the mentorship program.
  • Microsoft goodies/Swags.
  • It is a great learning opportunity for students. Provides a glimpse of the corporate world to readers.
  • Being a campus ambassador gives students exclusive access to events, conferences, etc. Scheduled by company.
  • It allows them to connect with like-minded students on a variety of campuses.
  • You can add the campus ambassador experience to your resume and excel at others.
    Find a certified compass ambassador industry.

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