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Beyond the Basics: Istio and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service Cognitive Class Answers


Istio is an open platform to connect, secure, and manage a network of microservices, also known as a service mesh, on cloud platforms such as Kubernetes in IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. With Istio, You can manage network traffic, load balance across microservices, enforce access policies, verify service identity on the service mesh, and more.

In this course, you learn how to install Istio alongside microservices for a simple mock app called Guestbook. When you deploy Guestbook’s microservices into an IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service cluster where Istio is installed, you inject the Istio Envoy sidecar proxies in the pods of each microservice.

  • Set Up Your Environment
    • Install command line utilities
    • Deploy the Guestbook app with Istio Proxy
    • Install the Guestbook app with manual sidecar injection
    • Add the Watson Tone Analyzer service
  • Lab 1: Observe Service Telemetry – Metrics and Tracing
    • Challenges with microservices
    • Configure Istio to receive telemetry data
    • View guestbook telemetry data
    • Tying spans together
  • Lab 2: Expose the Service Mesh with the Istio Ingress Controller
    • Istio Ingress controller
    • Expose the Guestbook app with Ingress
    • Optional: Set up the Istio Ingress controller to work with the IBM Cloud Container Service
  • Lab 3: Manage Traffic
    • Rules to manage traffic
    • Guestbook app
    • Perform A/B testing with Istio
    • Incrementally roll out changes with canary deployments
    • Circuit breakers and destination rules
  • Lab 4: Secure Your Services
    • Mutual authentication with Transport Layer Security (mTLS)
    • Set up Istio Certificate Authority (CA)
    • Disabling authentication
  • Lab 5: Enforce Policies for Microservices
    • Service isolation with the denier adapter
    • Create a policy that denies access to services

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