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The Importance of Listening Coursera Quiz Answers

Module 2: The Importance of Listening Coursera Quiz Answers

Week 1: Quiz 1 – Social Media Marketing Specialization Coursera Quiz Answers

Question 1: In social Big Data a “document” refers to:

  • an application programming interface.
  • any single entry or posting on any type of social media.
  • any writing that is generated by a word processor.
  • a portion of an entry containing important analysis information.

Question 2: A paragraph within a blog article would be considered a/an:

  • document
  • SocialGist
  • API
  • snippet

Question 3: APIs (automatic programming interface) are used for what purpose?

  • To extract social data in real-time from a social site.
  • To standardize the connection of learning systems with external service tools.
  • Microblogging within social networks.
  • Generating discussion about social media.

Question 4: When thinking about your professional persona, which of the following recommendations should you consider? (This question has multiple answers)

  • What happens on the internet, stays on the internet.
  • If something is free, you are the product.
  • In order to capitalize on the potential of collection social data, it is important to know what the various tools do, but not how they actually work.
  • Somebody is always trying to figure out who you are, what you do and what your future might hold.

Question 5: Which of the following text analytics terms is used to describe how people on social “feel” about a topic?

  • Themes/Topics
  • Sentiment
  • Categories
  • Intentions

Week 2: Quiz 2 – Social Media Marketing Specialization Coursera Quiz Answers

Question 1: Which of the following is a common mistake companies make when trying social monitoring systems?

  • Companies search for nicknames, initials or abbreviations when using social monitoring systems.
  • Companies use APIs to extract social data in real-time from a social site.
  • Companies assume communities are referring to them by name.
  • Companies follow communities and groups associated with their product or service type.

Question 2: Regardless of the market you want to monitor, discussions on social are typically about which of the following: (This question has multiple answers)

  • Organizations, including your company and your competition.
  • Products and services.
  • Key people in these organizations.
  • Topics of interest to the community.

Week 3: Quiz 3 – Social Media Marketing Specialization Coursera Quiz Answers

Question 1: When is it important to use a “for fee” social analytics system?

  • When you need to analyze a topic over a period of time
  • When you want a word cloud
  • When you want to analyze a certain language
  • When you want to explore a certain country

Question 2: Sentiment accuracy is difficult to ascertain on which level?

  • Snippet
  • Social
  • Mention
  • Document

Week 4: Quiz 4 – Social Media Marketing Specialization Coursera Quiz Answers

Question 1: Social monitoring is used for which of the following? (This question has multiple answers)

  • Developing social strategies
  • Developing personal brands
  • Real-time marketing
  • Crisis management

Question 2: The “Give to Get” mantra involves which types of actions?

  • Paying extra fees to free social monitoring services to get enhanced capabilities.
  • Sharing tweets, blogs, and other media of your influencers with a positive tone.
  • Giving constructive criticism to influencers and members of the community when they post something.
  • Giving your influencers a list of topics and categories you would like them to post about.

Question 3: How does Taco Bell deal with their more “passionate fans” on social media?

  • They create a relationship with them and announce their latest products to these followers first.
  • They bypass this group to focus on more traditional advertising campaigns.
  • They pay their most influential fans to share advertisements on their profiles.
  • They hire them as social media consultants.

Question 4: When using social monitoring to manage crisis, at which point has the issue been detected too late?

  • Twitter and Facebook
  • At the first posting
  • When it appears on the news or in print
  • At the second posting

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