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How to Earn Money from Medium in India | Medium Partner Program

Yes ! Finally the Medium Partner Program is now live in India . If you are a resident of India you can start earning from Medium by simply writing essays. In this article you will get complete information about medium partner program and how you can start earning if you are a resident of Medium

What is Medium Partner Program

The Medium Partner Program allows writers to earn money for the content they publish on Medium supported engagement from Medium members. Here’s how it works:

Enroll to the Medium Partner Program

To join the Medium Partner Program, you would like to link your Medium account together with your checking account or open-end credit via a third-party payment service called Stripe. Additionally, you would like to supply your taxpayer information within 180 days to be ready to receive payments from Medium.

Make More Stories

Once you’re in, you’ll write your story, and put it behind the paywall. you’ll also put your already published stories behind the paywall to start out earning revenue from them.

Earn Money on your engagement

Partner Program writers are paid monthly supported how members engage with their stories. this is often determined by member reading time. Each member’s subscription fee is distributed proportionally to the stories that the individual member engaged thereupon month. you’ll always check your payment estimates in your Partner dashboard.

If you are a resident of India and Want to Join Medium Partner Program then follow the steps:

Step 1 : Go to Payooner and create an account

Step 2 : Choose Options according to you

Step 3 :

Step 4 : You’ll receive mail for verification approve ,confirm your account.

Note : Add your Medium Profile Link as your Website.

Step 5 : Choose Medium Partner Program

Step 6 : Click on Stripe Express Account ,fill your details

Stripe Express Account

Step 7 : Set Up Your Bank Details in Stripe. Exactly Set Up details as Payoneer in Stripe Dashboard.

Step 8 : Enter the stripe cust Id in the Medium Partner Program and then you will be enrolled .

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