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Saylor Academy Introduction to Python Free Course with Certificate | Available for free on E-Skill India

About this Course :

This course is an introduction to fundamental programming concepts by way of the Python 3 programming language. Python 3 is a high-level interpreted language that has many benefits, including easy-to-read and easy-to-write syntax and powerful libraries that provide additional functionality. Even though Python 3 is a great programming language for beginners, it is also used extensively for practical applications in engineering and data science. This course is intended for people with no or very little prior programming experience. It covers a range of topics, such as data types, control flow, functions, file operations, and object-oriented programming. When you finish this course, you will be able to create Python programs for a variety of applications.

NameIntroduction to Python
Duration36:00 hours
AvailabilityAvailable full time
Certification Availability from Knowledge PartnerAvailable

There are total 10 modules in this course :

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Python 3
  • Unit 2: Operators
  • Unit 3: Input and Flow Control Statements
  • Unit 4: Data Structures I – Lists and Strings
  • Unit 5: Functions
  • Unit 6: Basic Data Structures II – Tuples, Sets and Dictionaries
  • Unit 7: File Handling
  • Unit 8: Regular Expressions
  • Unit 9: Exception Handling
  • Unit 10: Object-Oriented Programming

And a Final Certification Assessment :

To receive a free Course Completion Certificate, you will need to earn a grade of 70% or higher on this final exam. Your grade for the exam will be calculated as soon as you complete it. If you do not pass the exam on your first try, you can take it again as many times as you want, with a 7-day waiting period between each attempt.

Once you pass this final exam, you will be awarded a free Course Completion Certificate.

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