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Networking Principles in the Cloud Quiz Answers

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Question: What is the definition of a PaaS Service?
Answer: You as the customer manage just the application and data

Question: What is a hybrid cloud?
Answer: A combination of Public and Private Cloud

Question: Which is NOT a valid component of the cloud?
Answer: Geographical Zone

Question: Is Availability Zone 1A the same for every customer in cloud environments?
Answer: No

Question: True or false: We have an architectural gap in cloud today because there is no consistent framework for network and security across clouds.
Answer: True

Question: The On-Prem world is most similar to which type of service:
Answer: IaaS

Question: Office365 is an example of which service:
Answer: SaaS

Question: True or false: A region is the same thing as a data center for cloud providers.
Answer: False

Question: True or false: When a cloud provider deploys a region, there are always multiple availability zones present.
Answer: False

Question: One advantage of availability zones includes:
Answer: Resources across AZs can survive a data center outage

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