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IBM Free Courses with Badges and Certificate | Cognitive Class Free Certification Courses

Cognitive Class is an initiative led by IBM to democratise knowledge and skills regarding data. The fee-based programme Cognitive Class is designed to help universities and academic institutions develop and deliver Data Science and Data Engineering programmes of world class fast.

The benefits to join the platform is :

1)All the courses are available free of cost

2)After completing the courses earn a verified badge by IBM and Cognitive Class

3)Expand your knowledge by browsing their skill oriented courses

Here is the sample of certificate :

Follow their learning paths to maximise your potential :

Select a learning path & complete a skill oriented course .After that earn and share your badges and certificates in social media platforms .

Following Learning paths are available in their platform:

Blockchain for Developers

There are three courses involved in this learning path .
*BlockChain Essentials v2
*IBM Blokchain Foundation Developer v2
*Build and IOT Blockchain for a supply Chain

Lightbend Reactive Architecture: Advanced

Distributed systems built on Reactive Microservices are creating new challenges and requiring new tools to meet them. The Lightbend Reactive Architecture: Advanced learning path introduces new techniques for administrators, developers and architects to help deal with the realities of distributed architectures. You’ll learn how to build the distributed system using Lightbend Reactive Platform

There are three courses included in this:

1)Reactive Architecture: Building Scalable Systems
2)Reactive Architecture: Distributed Messaging Patterns
3)Reactive Architecture: CQRS and Event Sourcing

Containers, microservices, Kubernetes, and Istio on the Cloud

You will get to learn 12-factor apps after completing this learning path, and how microservices are handled with IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and Istio. You’ll get hands-on experience interacting with containers, Kubernetes, and how containerized applications can be deployed. You will learn how to deploy microservices within a cluster, and how to attach, manage, and protect those microservices.

There are three courses involved in this learning path:

1)Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift
2)Getting started with Microservices with Istio and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service
3)Beyond the Basics: Istio and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Applied Data Science with Python

Learn how to code data science in Python, then analyse and visualise data using Python with packages such as scikit-learn, matplotlib, and bokeh. This is an action-packed learning path for data science enthusiasts and aspiring data scientists wishing to learn hands-on with Python in data science.

There are three courses involved in this learning path:

1)Python for Data Science
2)Data Analysis with Python
3)Data Visualization with Python

Lightbend Reactive Architecture: Foundations

The learning path for Lightbend Reactive Architecture teaches development managers, architects, and developers of software-how to think about Reactive Structures from design to production.

There are three courses involved in this learning path :

1)Reactive Architecture: Introduction to Reactive Systems
2)Reactive Architecture: Domain Driven Design
3)Reactive Architecture: Reactive Microservices

Deep Learning

You will first learn Neural Networks and an overview of Deep Learning through our guided lectures and labs, and then get hands-on experience using the TensorFlow library to apply in-depth learning to different types of data to solve real world problems.

There are three courses involved in this learning path :

1)Deep Learning Fundamentals
2)Deep Learning with TensorFlow
3)Accelerating Deep Learning with GPU (Course is currently being updated)

Data Science Foundations

What happens when one butterfly flaps its wings? Does it fly away and move on to another flower or has a spike in British Isles wind turbine rotation. Study data science today and enter a world where we are working to build order out of chaos which will blow you away!

There are three courses involved in this learning path :
1)Introduction to Data Science
2)Data Science Tools
3)Data Science Methodology

Big Data Fundamentals

In this learning path you will learn an introduction to tools such as Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark Frameworks that allow mass processing of data and start the journey toward your headline discovery.

There are three courses involved in this learning path :

1)Big Data 101
2)Hadoop 101
3)Spark Fundamentals I

Scala Programming for Data Science

Spark your interest in selecting the resources you need to easily tackle Big Data, that won’t just blow out.

There are three courses involved in this learning path :

1)Scala 101
2)Spark Overview for Scala Analytics
3)Data Science for Scala

Hadoop Fundamentals

Choose this learning route to become introduced to the methods used in Big Data, the core components of Hadoop and support open source projects.

There are four courses involved in this learning path :

1)Hadoop 101
2)MapReduce and YARN
3)Moving Data into Hadoop
4)Accessing Hadoop Data Using Hive

Spark Fundamentals

Apache Spark is such a tool within the big data domain, as a general engine for large-scale data processing. This direction of learning covers the basics of the nature of this software and its implementation in everyday life.

There are five courses involved in this learning path :

1)Spark Fundamentals I
2)Spark Fundamentals II
3)Spark MLlib
4)Exploring Spark’s GraphX
5)Analyzing Big Data in R using Apache Spark

Courses that are available free of cost are mentioned below

*Introduction to Cloud
*DataOps Methodology
*Building Cloud Native and Multicloud Applications
*Python for Data Science
*Blockchain Essentials v2
*Build an IoT Blockchain Network for a Supply Chain
*Build Swift Mobile Apps with Watson AI Services
*Robots are coming! Build IoT apps with Watson AI, Swift, and Node-RED
*Machine Learning with Python
*Build Your Own Chatbot
*Docker Essentials: A Developer Introduction
*IBM Cloud Essentials
*Building Robots with TJBot
*IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer V2
*Game-playing AI with Swift for TensorFlow (S4TF)
*Node-RED: Basics to Bots
*Hadoop 101
*Introduction to Data Science
*R 101
*Serverless Computing using Cloud Functions – Developer 1 & many more courses


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