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AWS Networking 101 Quiz Answers

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Question: Which AWS service represents a virtual machine?
Answer: EC2

Question: True or false: To connect a VPC, AWS uses an implicit router that customers must configure to allow communication between VPCs.
Answer: False

Question: Which AWS service best represents your private virtual walled garden in the cloud?
Answer: VPC

Question: True or false: In AWS, subnets are global resources spread across availability zones.
Answer: False

Question: Which AWS security component is a stateless filter?
Answer: NACL

Question: True or false: Security Groups in AWS can not be shared across VPCs unless they are peered together.
Answer: True

Question: Which gateway is not an available option with AWS?
Answer: Virtual Network Gateway

Question: True or false: Transit Gateway in AWS fully automates routing so that no manual configuration is required.
Answer: False

Question: In AWS, a Direct Connect circuit can terminate on which of the following:
Answer: Direct Connect Gateway

Question: Using native AWS constructs, the highest available bandwidth within an IPSEC tunnel is:
Answer: 1.25Gbps

Question: True or false: There are currently no limitations to the number of routes supported in AWS Transit Gateway.
Answer: False

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