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Azure Networking 101 Quiz Answers

Aviatrix Certified Engineer - Multi-Cloud Network Associate Course

Aviatrix Certified Engineer – Multi-Cloud Network Associate Free Course with Certificate

Question: What is different about Availability Zones in Azure than other clouds?
Answer: Azure only supports Availability Zones in certain regions

Question: What are Virtual Network Gateways used for?
Answer: Hybrid Connectivity termination constructs for VPN or Express Route

Question: Which Azure component groups items together for better organization control of a specific workload?
Answer: Resource Group

Question: What is the top level organizational structure in Azure?
Answer: AD Tenant

Question: True or false: In Azure, subnets are created as either private or public.
Answer: False

Question: Some challenges with Azure Virtual WAN as a platform include:
Answer: All of the above

Question: An ExpressRoute circuit in Azure can terminate on which device (select all that apply)
Answer: ExpressRoute Gateway
Virtual Network Gateway

Question: True or false: Using ExpressRoute hairpinning for spoke to spoke traffic is the recommended option for transit within Azure.
Answer: False

Question: What is an NVA in Azure (select all that apply)
Answer: Any 3rd party device in the Azure marketplace
Network Virtual Appliance

Question: Challenges with using an NVA to provide spoke to spoke communication in Azure include: (select all that apply)
Answer: User Defined Route Management at scale
SNAT required for traffic symmetry


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