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GCP Networking 101 Quiz Answers

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Question: GCP private dedicated connectivity is referred to as
Answer: Cloud Interconnect

Question: True or false: All resources within GCP are either Global or Regional or both.
Answer: False

Question: A Virtual Machine is an example of a
Answer: Zonal Resource

Question: A VPC is an example of a:
Answer: Global Resource

Question: For a single user, GCP resources are structurally organized in a:
Answer: Project

Question: True or false: GCP encourages deployments of multiple VPCs to spread out all your workloads.
Answer: False

Question: What does Auto Mode in GCP mean?
Answer: subnets are created in each region

Question:True or false: GCP supports dynamic routes within the cloud.
Answer: True

Question: True or false: VPC peering in GCP allows VPC to be transitive.
Answer: False

Question: A project can access another project’s resource via (select all that apply)
Answer: Shared VPC
VPC Peering

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