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MSME Free Medical Certificate | Medical Laboratory Certificate | AICTE Free Certification

This Certification is provided by SRI GURU Ram DAS Institute of Medical Research , MSME , AICTD , Quality Council of India and many other organisation.

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Question 1 : Which test can be used to detect hemolytic anemia? *

  • Coombs test
  • Peripheral blood smear (PBS)

Question 2 :Hypocupremia is seen in *

  • osetoporosis, nephrotic disease
  • cardiovascular disease, colon cancer

Question 3 : Hydroxyurea: *

  • inhibits DNA synthesis by acting as a ribonucleotide reductase inhibitor
  • decreases nitric oxide

Question 4 : Both vitamin B12 AND iron have drug interactions with which of the following drugs? *

  • PPI, H2 blockers
  • Methyldopa

Question 5 :Vitamin B12 and folic have the similar adverse effects, but what separates one form the other? *

  • Glossitis
  • No neurological symptoms in folic acid

Question 6 :There are 3 classifications of Anemia. What are they? *

  • In adequate production of Hb
  • Decreased RBC production

Question 7 :Laboratory Studies: Red Cell Indices: Evaluation of RBC saturation with Hb. 32-36% *

  • MCV
  • MCHC

Question 8 : Laboratory Studies: Red Cell Indices: Measurement of average weight of Hb/RBC. 27-33 pg *

  • MCH
  • MCV

Question 9 : The best source of active bone marrow from a 20-year old would be *

  • Iliac Crest (hip)
  • Distal radius (forearm)

Question 10 : What is the major metabolically available storage form of iron in the body? *

  • Hemosiderin
  • Ferritin

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