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Getting started with Azure for Education Quiz Answers – Microsoft Education

Question 1: As part of your Office 365 subscription you get access to which Azure service:

  • Azure SQL Databases Server
  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Storage

Question 2: You want to be able to start using Azure for other services as well as Azure Active Directory. What will you need to do first?

  • Go on an Azure course
  • Install new servers into your data farm
  • Sign up for a paid Azure subscription
  • Take an Azure certification exam

Question 3: Azure Active Directory is used as the authentication source for many Microsoft services. New security guidelines require you to make logging in to Office 365 more secure. What Azure Active Directory service could you use to achieve this?

  • Account lock out
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Password expiration
  • Complex passwords

Question 4: Your current website is hosted on a server that is starting to fail on a regular basis. You use WordPress. What Azure service could you use to run your website as an Azure service?

  • SQL Server
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • App Service
  • Function App

Question 5: When you create an Azure App Service for WordPress it creates a number of additional services such as a MySQL database. What is the name of the service used to store these related services?

  • Virtual Machine
  • Service Group
  • Resource Group
  • Blob Store

Question 6: You want to test a piece of software that runs on Linux. Which option would be the most cost effective when creating a new server to test the software?

  • Buy new server kit and install into your data farm
  • Purchase a subscription to a hosted server farm
  • Install a Linux Virtual Machine in your Azure subscription
  • Rent a server from a supplier

Question 7: You have decided to use an Azure Virtual Machine to test updates to a piece of software before you release them in your production environment. You will only need the server when updates are released. What should you do to reduce running costs?

  • Reduce the SSD size of the Virtual Machine when not in use
  • Reduce the number of vCPU’s of the Virtual Machine when not in use
  • Stop the Virtual Machine in the Azure Portal so it is deallocated
  • Shutdown the guest operating system

Question 8: You have an Azure Virtual Machine and you need to connect to it with a remote session to install latest updates for a piece of software you are testing. How can you connect?

  • Log in to the Azure Portal and use the desktop app to log into the Azure Virtual Machine
  • Log in to the Azure Portal and click on the Connect option for the Azure Virtual Machine
  • Log in to the Azure Portal and download a third party remote desktop software
  • You can’t open a remote desktop connection to an Azure Virtual Machine

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