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Game AI Developer Certificate | Free Certification | Game Development Quiz Questions and Answers

Game AI Developer Certification | Free Certification | Game Development Quiz Questions and Answers

Check your skill by answering this Game Development Quiz questions. This quiz will help you to check your knowledge and improve it further. List of the most asked real-world Game AI Developer questions and answers for freshers and experienced to pass your official test.

Practice Below the best Game Developer MCQ Questions that checks your basic knowledge of Gaming. This Test contains 20  Multiple Choice Questions. So, you have to select the right answer to check your final preparation for your Game AI Developer MCQ Exams & Interviews.

Test your knowledge with Itronix Solutions quiz made especially for beginners in Game Development . Pass the test and get a Certificate of achievement!

Terms and Condition :

  • Every MCQ set focuses on a specific topic in Game AI Developer Certification Quiz
  • 20 Multiple Choice Questions & Answers in Game AI Developer Certification Quiz answers
  • This quiz consists of 20 multiple-choice questions.
  • Each question in the quiz is in multiple-choice or “true or false” format
  • You may review your answer choices and compare them to the correct answers after your final attempt
  • To start, click the “Take the Quiz” button. When finished, click the “Submit Quiz” button.

Here are the questions and answers :

Which algorithm is used in the Game tree to make decisions of Win/Lose?

  • Min/Max algorithm

Computer and video gaming is an industry worth billions of dollars.

  • True

A previsualization tool used to outline and organize the sequence of events in a game.

  • Storyboard

The 3D graphics rendering pipeline consists of the following main stages?

  • All of the above

Game design is an essential and collaborative process of designing the content and rules of a game, artistic and competence as well as writing skills.

  • requiring, technical

Jason is playing a game in which players must maneuver around changing barriers and moving objects inside a maze. This is an example of which type of game?

  • Skill

Which programming element is used by a game program to track and display score information?

  • Variables

Which member of the game design team writes the dialog for the characters, and develops the animation and scenarios that occur during game play?

  • Game designer

The actions that you want your game to perform and the goals that you want players to be able to achieve in your game are called the:

  • criteria

In programming languages, character, string, integer, floating-point and Boolean are all examples of:

  • variable data types.

Which member of the game design team writes the step-by-step computer instructions, or code, required to create games?

  • Programmer

Which term describes the first functional example of a game that you are developing?

  • Prototype

_ defines a space within a game, a virtual world for the player to explore within the gameplay created for them.Question options:

  • all of the above

While using RGBA, what is the color of #ff00ff80?

  • Semi-transparent magenta

What is UV Mapping?

  • A 3D modeling process to make a 2D image represent a 3D model

How many 3 dimension vectors are needed to position and orient an object in space?

  • 2

What are pbuffers?

  • Pixel buffer objects

What is a particle emitter?

  • The orbits of the particles

What is a vector?

  • A geometric object which has both a magnitude and a direction

Which type of software is most commonly used to create the 3D animations and motion graphics used in games?

  • Game design engines

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