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List of Free Data Science Courses on Coursera – Coursera Free Certificate

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List of Free Data Science Courses on Coursera – Coursera Free Certificate

Hey Students! Are you looking for some free data science courses to upskill yourself in Data Science? If yes then Coursera an E-learning platform has a wide range of Free Courses that can help you to learn Data Science. So, this article curated a list of Best Courses to Learn Data Science.

You will not be paying any single rupee/dollar for these courses. So stick around with this article and check out these Free Courses on Coursera for Data Science.

Find out the list of Free Data Science Courses on Coursera with Free Certificates:



Course 1: Machine Learning by Stanford

Course 2: Introduction to StatisticS by Stanford

Course 3: Computational Neuroscience by University of Washington

Course 4: Foundations of Data Science: K-Means Clustering in Python by University of London

Course 5: Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma by University of Amsterdam

Course 6: An Intuitive Introduction to Probability by University of Zurich

Course 7: Probability and Statistics: To p or not to p? by University of London

Course 8: Data Science Ethics by University of Michigan

Course 9: Data Visualization in Excel by Macquire University

Course 10: Practical Crowdsourcing for Efficient Machine Learning by Yandex

Course 11: Population Health: Responsible Data Analysis by Universityit Leiden

Course 12: Process Mining: Data science in Action by University of Eindhoven

Course 13: Bayesian Statistics: From Concept to Data Analysis by SANTA Cruz

Course 14: Practical Time Series Analysis by Suny Online

Course 15: Introduction to Embedded Machine Learning by EDGE Impulse

Course 16: Improving your statistical inferences by University of Eindhoven

Course 17: Data Science in Stratified Healthcare and Precision Medicine by University of Edinburg

Course 18: Machine Translation by Karlshure University

Course 19: Computer Vision with Embedded Machine Learning by Edge Impulse

Course 20: Experimentation for Improvement by MCmaster University

Course 21: Power and Sample Size for Multilevel and Longitudinal Study Designs by University of Florida

Course 22: Improving Your Statistical Questions by EINdhoven University of Technology

Course 23: Population Health: Predictive Analytics by UNiversiteIt Leindeit

COURSE 24 : Global Statistics – Composite Indices for International Comparisons BY geneve uNIVERSITY

COURSE 25 : Hands-on Text Mining and Analytics BY yoNSEI uNIVERSITY

COURSE 26 : Causal Inference BY Columbia University

COURSE 27 : Causal Inference 2 by Columbia University

COURSE 28 : Data Science: Foundations using R Specialization by Johns Hopkins


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