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Integration of ground-based observations/measurements with EO data for enhanced Geological Applications | IIRS Certification Course

Integration of ground-based in situ observations/measurements with EO data for enhanced Geological Applications: Advantages and Challenges

About the Course :

Geological studies encompass the details about the solid Earth and include applications such as mineral exploration, geodesy, stratigraphy, groundwater exploitation and monitoring of geological disasters like landslides, seismicity, cloudburst, GLOF, mine collapse and flash floods. Remote sensing technology plays an important role in the geological survey, mapping, analysis and interpretation, which provides a unique opportunity to investigate the geological characteristics of the remote areas of the earth’s surface without the need to gain access to an area on the ground.

Who can Apply ?

The course is designed for Professionals, researchers and students (at least Graduate) engaged in the field of Geology/ Applied Geology/ Geophysics/ Earth Sciences/ Civil Engineering/ Earthquake Engineering/ Mining Engineering/ Geography department in Central/State/Private Universities & Academic Institutions.

Objective of the Course :

The course will provide needful exposure on utilization of ground based in situ data along with satellite remote sensing derived products to address geological applications.

Content : Overview of Geospatial Appl. In geosciences, RS and in situ measurement for mining and surface deformation, Hyperspectral RS and in situ data for mineral exploration, RS for cryospheric studies, RS in mapping, monitoring of landslides and RS, space based geodetic and geophysical measurement for crustal deformation and groundwater study

Award of Certificate :

All the participants who attend the programme through e-class portal will get a e-certificate for participation.


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