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Google Pay Colour Event Quiz Answers

Google Pay Go India Colour Event Quiz Answers Test Your Knowledge and Earn Upto Rs 5 to Rs 100 !! Join My Telegram Channel

Google Pay Colour Event Quiz starts 7th December 2020.

Google Pay Colour Event Quiz Answers

Answer 1 : Red

Answer 2: Jodhpur

Answer 3: Four

Answer 4: Red

Answer 5: Uttar Pradesh

Google Pay Colour Event Quiz Questions and Answers :

Q1 ) Which Start in India Has the Highest Green Forest Cover Area Wise ?

Answer : Madhya Pradesh

Q2) Which of the Following Cities in India is popularly Known As the Blue City ?

Answer : Jodhpur

Q3 ) How many colours are there in the New Google Pay Logo ?

Answer : Four

Q4 ) Alta ,Sindoor & Kumkum – Part of Many Festivities ,is Found in whic Color ?

Answer : Red

Q5 ) Which State Produces the most Quantity of the Delightful Yellow Mangoes ?

Answer : Uttar Pradesh

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