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Free NCC Certificate | Get Certificate Within 2 Minute | 2 Free Verified NCC Certificate

ncc certificate

Hi everyone so here you can get 2 Free Government Certifications Online details. The first one is from the KTHM Institute , It’s a National Level- Online Quiz on NCC. Another one is “Knowledge Testing” on National Cadet Corps (NCC) by Thakur College . Get all the details below :

Certificate 1 :

Here is the sample certificate :

Certificate 2 :

This National NCC Quiz is Organized by K.R.T. Arts, B.H. Commerce & A.M. Science College (KTHMC) Nashik-2, Maharashtra.

Most of their NCC cadets and ANOs has been completed Integrated Government Online Training (IGOT) to deal with COVID-19 pandemic.
The world is facing an unprecedented crisis in the form of COVID – 19. Participate in this quiz and analyse your knowledge of NCC.
Attend this quiz to test your knowledge. Questions are multiple-choice based.
On the submission of the quiz, the certificate will be sent within 7 days on registered email -id, if eligible.

Here is the sample certificate :


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