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Fortinet Getting Started in Cybersecurity Sandbox Quiz Answers

Lesson 03: Sandbox Quiz Answers

Question: What is a zero-day attack?

  • A computer virus that receives instructions from a Command and Control server
  • A new and unknown computer virus
  • Malware that converts all data bits to zeros
  • A cyberattack that exploits an unknown software vulnerability

Question: Which failing characterized early sandbox technology?

  • Lack of integration with other security devices
  • Could not stop zero-day attacks
  • Slowed network traffic
  • Failed to categorize malware

Question: Which feature in early networks made aggregating threat intelligence difficult?

  • Virtualization
  • Segmentation
  • Hybrid cloud environments
  • Point solutions

Question: Which feature characterizes third-generation sandbox technology?

  • Scanning of encrypted data streams
  • Faster network speeds
  • Streamlines manual testing
  • Automation and artificial intelligence

Question: What was a benefit of second generation sandbox technology?

  • Automation and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Scanning of encrypted data streams
  • Faster network speeds
  • Timely sharing of threat intelligence

Question: Within the computer security context, what is a sandbox?

  • A service in the Cloud used to collect and share threat intelligence
  • A segment of the network reserved for testing unknown programs
  • A process used to identify, describe, and categorize malware
  • An isolated virtual environment to test suspicious files and hyperlinks

Question: Which new development in malware caused sandbox technology to automate and introduce artificial intelligence  learning?

  • Polymorphic viruses
  • Ransomware
  • Trojan horse
  • AI-driven attacks

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