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Fortinet Getting Started in Cybersecurity Network Access Control Quiz Answers

Lesson 2: Network Access Control Quiz Answers

  • Utilizing device profiles
  • Using user roles
  • Using IP addresses
  • Routers
  • Limited RAM prevents the installation of security software
  • MIS does not control what is installed on these devices
  • Increase the maintenance cycle for network devices
  • Data exfiltration
  • Can save time and money
  • Mandated by government
  • Provide valuable data to the CFO
  • Required as part of an air-gap solution
  • Router
  • Client device
  • Authentication server
  • Authenticator
  • Certification authority
  • Agree to the legal terms for using the network
  • Submit your personal digital certificate
  • Register your handheld device
  • Provide biometric information
  • Not able to install security software
  • There are too many incompatible IoT security standards in use
  • IoT devices are often cheaply made
  • Does not support two-factor authentication

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