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Fortinet Getting Started in Cybersecurity Firewalls Quiz Answers

Lesson 01: Firewalls Quiz Answers

Question: Which type of firewall was the first generation of firewalls?

  • Packet filter
  • Application layer
  • Next-generation firewall (NGFW)
  • Stateful

Question: Complete the sentence: A packet filter firewall controls network traffic based on ___________.

  • network addresses, protocols, and ports.
  • the behavior of the network connections.
  • filtering layers 2–7 of the OSI model.
  • application behavior or characteristics.

Question: What was a limitation of first-generation firewalls?

  • Granular policy capability made managing the firewall too complex
  • Produced many false positives, thereby overwhelming IT security
  • Opened random ports and used multiple connections
  • Filtered only at Layer 3 of the OSI model

Question: Which identifying feature differentiates an NGFW firewall from earlier types of firewalls?

  • Filters by protocol
  • Examines data in the packets
  • Uses rule-based decision-making
  • Monitors IP addresses and ports

Question: In a UTM firewall, which component monitors protocols, such as FTP and HTTP?

  • Protocol filter
  • Transport layer filter
  • Application layer filter
  • Web filter

Question: Which three elements does a stateful firewall track when determining whether to allow or deny a TCP/IP connection? (Choose three.)

  • User behavior
  • Source IP address
  • Protocol in use
  • Destination port
  • Type of application connected to

Question: Which three traits are characteristics of a next generation firewall (NGFW)? (Choose three.)

  • Inspects only unencrypted packets
  • Controls network traffic based only on network address
  • Can segment a network based on user, device, and application type
  • Uses AI to enforce security policies
  • Delivers high-performance inspection

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