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BARBICIDE Certification Course for Professional Beauty Industry – Salon and Spa

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Question 1 ) BARBICIDE® solution used for immersion of implements should be changed:
C. Daily

Question 2 ) You have just completed a service and have several dirty implements (combs, shears, cuticle nippers, etc…). To make these safe for use on the next client, you would do the following in the order they appear:
C. Clean, Disinfect

Question 3 ) You have a new co-worker in the salon and are sharing with them some of the reasons you feel it is important to practice proper infection control. Based on this learning module, which of these are important reasons to practice proper infection control:
D. All of the above

Question 4 ) Thinking about the steps of disinfection, which of the following item(s) could be properly disinfected:
C. Shears

Question 5 ) All EPA Registered Disinfectants have a label that states what pathogens (germs) they are effective against and how they should be used. One of the most important factors to be considered is contact time. What is the contact time (visibly moist contact) for BARBICIDE® Wipes?
A. 2 minutes

Question 6 ) BARBICIDE® used for immersion should be changed daily. BARBICIDE® has two disinfectants that do not require changing. What are they?

Question 7 ) While providing a service, the client shares that they have a sore that has been very slow to heal and bleeds frequently. What advice should you give?
C. Consult their family physician for guidance.

Question 8 ) There are many people who have medical conditions, which put them at greater risk of infection from simple nicks and scrapes. Which conditions are known to create an increased risk for infection and impaired healing?
D. Both B & C

Question 9 ) Chemical safety is important in the salon environment. Which of the following are required or best practices regarding the use of chemicals?
D. All of the above

Question 10 ) If a customer asks what your process is to assure that their service will be safe, you should:
A. Show him or her the steps you use to disinfect items.

Question 11 ) Mixing and using BARBICIDE® correctly is key to proper disinfection of your salon, spa or barbershop. Which of the following is correct?
D. All of the Above

Question 12 ) In most states the rules about disinfection would require a licensee to do the following:
B. Placing dirty implements in a covered container labeled “dirty”

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