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BARBICIDE COVID-19 Certification Course – Free Covid-19 Certification

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Question 1 ) Masks are worn by both the provider and patron for the following reason:
A. A mask protects those around me in case I have COVID-19

Question 2 ) You have chosen to or are required to wear gloves during a service – gloves must be changed
C. Prior to each service and after anytime you leave your patron

Question 3 ) The following practice is important to increase adherence to social distancing guidelines
D. Require appointments

Question 4 ) Handshaking increases the risks of transmission for COVID19. This type of transmission is called:
B. Direct

Question 5 ) Proper hand washing is critical to reducing the spread of many types of pathogens, including COVID19. Which of the following are important steps to proper hand washing?
A. Rub sudsy hands together vigorously for 20-30 seconds

Question 6 ) If you know you have been exposed, how long should you wait before returning to work?
B. 14 days

Question 7 ) A patron comes in for a service and shares that they have had a cough, and dry sore throat and says “these are just my allergies”, what should you do:
C. Ask patron to reschedule for a later date

Question 8 ) If you were to assume that all people who enter your establishment are COVID-19 positive, you are practicing a version of:
A. Standard/Universal precautions

Question 9 ) What percentage of COVID-19 positive people have minimal or no symptoms?
C. 60%

Question 10 ) You have set special hours for your “at risk” patrons. Who should be encouraged to set appointments during those hours?
D. All of the above

Question 11 ) When greeting clients, you should always do the following:
A. Ask if they have any questions or concerns

Question 12 ) You have been notified that your appointment from yesterday has now tested positive for COVID-19 – it is important that you have:
C. A list of names and contact info for everyone in the establishment yesterday

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