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Aviatrix Platform Feature Overview – Part 2 Quiz Answers

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Question: What are some challenges with inserting firewalls in the cloud?
Answer: All of the above

Question: How much throughput can Aviatrix achieve with Firenet?
Answer: Up to 70G

Question: What advantages does the Aviatrix Site to Cloud offer?
Answer: All of the above

Question: True or false: Aviatrix Firenet can orchestrate the firewall deployment, firewall routing, and VNET/VPC routing for NGFW insertion.
Answer: True

Question: True or false: The Aviatrix User VPN solution does not allow profile based granular access control.
Answer: False

Question: Which 3rd party integrations are available for Aviatrix User VPN?
Answer: All of the above

Question: True or false: Aviatrix Firenet requires that customers use gateways in the spokes, as this is not supported using native constructs for transit (i.e. AWS TGW or Azure Peering).
Answer: False

Question: Which Aviatrix feature allows customers to group VPC/VNETs with common security properties for access?
Answer: Security Domains

Question: True or false: Aviatrix Site 2 Cloud can also be used to onboard IoT devices.
Answer: True

Question: What problems does Aviatrix Private S3 solution solve for? (select all that apply)
Answer: Data exfiltration
Private access (RFC1918 only) to S3 buckets without the need of public addresses

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