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Apply end to end security to a cloud application Cognitive Class Quiz Answers

Apply end to end security to a cloud application Cognitive Class Exam

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Quiz1 : What built-in identity providers are supported by App ID?

  • Cloud Directory – a user registry that is maintained in the cloud.
  • Social – such as Facebook, Google.
  • SAML – to authenticate with a third-party provider such as Active Directory Federation Services.
  • All of the above.

2 : To ensure your encrypted keys are secure, Key Protect relies on a cloud-based hardware HSM. What does HSM stand for?

  • hardware security modules
  • high security material
  • hyper super memory
  • hybrid service maintenance

3: In the tutorial, you generated a new root key to encrypt the storage bucket content. However you could also have brought your own key (BYOK).


4: For increase security, data should be protected through encryption techniques.

  • At rest, when stored on disk.
  • In transit, when exchanged across the network.
  • At rest and in transit
  • Only if it contains credit card numbers.

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