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Amazon DSP Certification Exam Answers 2021

The Amazon DSP Certification validates an individual’s proficiency in Amazon Advertising programmatic offerings, including Amazon DSP supply and creative types, campaign optimization, reporting, and ad policy. This Certification is best suited for advertisers or agency professionals who leverage Amazon DSP’s managed or self-service.  

Here are all the possible questions and answers of Amazon DSP Certification Exam :

This assessment is comprised of 48 questions which cover topics related to the Amazon DSP.

  • You will have 120 minutes to complete the assessment.
  • Achieve a score of 80% to pass the assessment.
  • You may not review your answers once they’ve been submitted.
  • If you end the assessment early or the timer runs out before you have answered all questions, you will not pass and will not be able to resume where you left off.
  • You may attempt the assessment again after 24 hours.

For which scenario(s) should an advertiser consider optimization?

  • The line item is not spending enough of the allocated budget.
  • The line item is spending its budget at an optimal pace.
  • The line item is achieving its performance goal but has potential to perform better.
  • The line item is not achieving its desired KPI or goal.

Flynn wants to download a report from the Amazon DSP which will allow him to view the performance on audiences his campaign reached, as well as those not directly reached. Which of the following reports should he choose for this use case?

  • 3P vendor report
  • Deal report
  • Performance report
  • Audience segmentation report

Which advertising method may involve real-time bidding?

  • Programmatic advertising
  • Direct advertising

Display ads cannot contain imagery or text that mimics Amazon’s branding or logo.

  • False
  • True

Which of the following is the recommended optimization strategy for line items that are performing and delivering above goal?

  • Maintain bids and frequency caps, and shift budget from underperforming/underdelivering line items to these line items
  • Increase bids and frequency caps on these line items
  • No action should be taken
  • Shift budget away from these line items to lower performing/delivering line items

Which of the following describes Amazon Publisher Services (APS)? (Select 2)

Select All Correct Responses

  • Invitation-only marketplace allowing select buyers to bid on impressions
  • Exclusive supply sources available in the Amazon DSP
  • Code is placed directly on participating websites and apps
  • Amazon’s marketplace of 10,000+ directly integrated sites and apps

Which of the following audiences can be reached using the Amazon DSP?

Select All Correct Responses

  • Advertiser hashed audiences
  • Amazon audiences
  • Advertiser audiences from a pixel
  • Advertiser audiences from a DMP

True or false? The metrics shown in the performance dashboard (interactive performance report) cannot be customized.

  • False
  • True

Violet is reviewing her campaign report and notices high detail page views (DPV) but low purchase rates. Which of the following is indicated by such results?

  • Shoppers are not moving from the consideration to purchase stage.
  • Shoppers are not moving from the purchase to advocacy stage.
  • Shoppers are not moving from the awareness to consideration stage.
  • Shoppers are not moving from the advocacy to loyalty stage.

Which pricing model allows advertisers to set a price range for any single impression?

  • CPC
  • CPM
  • dCPM

How long is Amazon’s lookback window from the point of conversion, used in reporting ad-attributed metrics?

  • 30 days
  • 60 days
  • 14 days
  • 7 days

True or false? Advertisers are allowed to edit an Amazon customer review to appear in an ad if the review contains spelling or grammatical errors.

  • True
  • False

Which of the following are variables that may affect campaign performance?

  • Out-of-stock issues
  • all of these
  • Poor customer reviews
  • Prime Day

True or false? Supply via private marketplaces (PMPs) is only available to the Amazon DSP managed service users.

  • FAlse
  • True

Using the following report, which audience segment might the campaign manager choose to add to their targeting approach?

  • LS – Drama Movie Interest
  • LS – Parents with Children in Household
  • LS – Music, Movies, TV Fans
  • LS – Sports Fans

Which of the following is NOT a true statement?

  • Programmatic advertising relies on manual insertion orders and requests for proposals (RFPs).
  • Programmatic advertising analyzes each impression against an advertisers’ goals in real-time.
  • The buying process for programmatic advertising is automated.
  • The majority of programmatic ads are purchased using a CPM or dCPM model.

True or false? Amazon’s ad policies are only relevant for ads served ON Amazon.

  • True
  • False

The Amazon DSP automated budget optimization allocates budgets based on which of the following?

  • Supply selected for a line item
  • KPIs selected for an order
  • Type of creative selected
  • Duration of campaign

Which of the following best describes the core value behind Amazon’s ad policies?

  • Maintain high standards
  • Follow industry trends
  • Adhere to strict guidelines
  • Maintain a positive customer experience for Amazon shoppers

The language for promotions and bundles must be which of the following?

  • Complete
  • Clear
  • All of these
  • Free of distractions

Which KPIs are associated with an awareness goal? (Select 3)

Select All Correct Responses

  • Brand lift
  • Detail page view rate (DPVR)
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS)

Opal is introducing the Amazon DSP to her team. Which of the following points should she include in her presentation?

Select All Correct Responses

  • Advertisers can access comprehensive and unique inventory that is not available via other DSPs.
  • The Amazon DSP only offers manual optimization.
  • The Amazon DSP monitors for brand safety, traffic quality, viewability and 3rd party supply quality.
  • The Amazon DSP enables advertisers to leverage Amazon’s first-party insights.

Antonio has a line-item that is under-delivering. Which of the following manual optimization tactics should he consider? (Select 2)

Select All Correct Responses

  • Relax the viewability setting
  • Decrease bids
  • Select any unchecked supply sources
  • Decrease frequency caps

Reid wants to review how well his campaign is performing toward an awareness goal. Which of these metrics will be most relevant to him? (Select 2)

Select All Correct Responses

  • Impressions served
  • Click-through rate
  • Brand halo
  • Add to cart

Which of the following statements most closely describes automatic optimization in the Amazon DSP?

  • It works to bid the best value for a given impression based on a selected conversion type.
  • It works to select the best supply options based on campaign settings.
  • It works to adjust frequency caps based on a selected conversion type.
  • It works to adjust viewability constraints based on campaign settings.

What method(s) of optimization does the Amazon DSP offer?

Select All Correct Responses

  • Manual optimizations
  • Neither of these
  • Automatic optimizations

Which of the following copy is most likely to be compliant with Amazon’s creative acceptance policies?

  • Upgrade today
  • Hurry while supplies last
  • Shop now!

Why is a call to action (CTA) not allowed in the custom image of a display ad with e-commerce creative?

  • CTAs are not allowed in display ads
  • CTAs are not allowed in ads that appear off Amazon
  • The custom image should not duplicate information that is in the e-commerce section

Why should an advertiser upload all creative asset sizes that are available during campaign set up?

  • To be able to optimize to the ones performing best
  • To increase the campaign’s reach
  • To reduce time needed to set-up the campaign
  • To maximize viewability

True or false? Amazon makes decisions around ad policy in favor of long-term benefits rather than short-term profitability.

  • True
  • False

The reporting and analysis hub transforms which two reports into a graphical analysis of campaign reporting?

  • Audience segmentation and all data
  • Performance and all data
  • 3P vendor and deal
  • Performance and audience segmentation

At which point during the campaign management timeline should an advertiser establish KPIs?

  • Report
  • Setup
  • Optimize
  • Review

Which supply option consists of exclusive inventory available through the Amazon DSP?

  • Third-party exchanges
  • Private marketplaces (PMPs)
  • Amazon Publisher Services
  • Amazon O&O properties

Overter is a financial services company that does not sell products or services on Amazon. They are running a campaign on Amazon promoting a new credit card, where the ad directs users to an enrollment page off of Amazon. What type of campaign is this?

  • Link in campaign
  • Link out campaign

Which of the following supply strategies may lead to better performance through the ability to scale and diversify formats and content?

  • Select only auctioned supply
  • Select all supply options
  • Select only Amazon O&O properties
  • Select only non-auctioned supply

Which of these buying method provides advertisers higher priority to inventory?

  • Open auction
  • Fixed price
  • Private auction

When should an advertiser care most about brand halo metrics?

  • An advertiser never needs to review brand halo metrics.
  • When reviewing a campaign’s performance toward a purchase goal.
  • When reviewing a campaign’s performance toward an awareness goal.
  • When reviewing a campaign’s performance toward a consideration goal.

Bree has set up a campaign in the Amazon DSP which utilizes a deal ID. What supply is she leveraging?

  • Private marketplaces (PMPs)
  • Amazon Publisher Services (APS)
  • Third-party exchanges
  • Amazon O&O properties

Joaquin is launching a campaign for his client, TinyFeet, and only wants to buy fixed-price inventory. Which of the following options should he choose?

  • Amazon Publisher Services (APS)
  • PMP preferred deal
  • Open exchange
  • PMP private auction

The World Times, a publisher, has set their inventory’s price floor to $1.00. Advertiser A bids $0.89, Advertiser B bids $1.04, and Advertiser C bids $1.11. What is the outcome in a first-price auction?

  • Advertiser C wins and pays $1.11
  • Advertiser A wins and pays $1.04
  • Advertiser C wins and pays $1.05
  • Advertiser B wins and pays $1.11

Third-party exchanges rely on which buying method?

  • Fixed auction
  • Open auction
  • Private auction

Which supply option should an advertiser select to access inventory from Amazon’s direct publisher integration?

  • Amazon Publisher Services (APS)
  • Third-party exchanges
  • Private marketplaces (PMPs)
  • Amazon O&O properties

Olga has several line items under her campaign. Two of the line items are underdelivering and not meeting performance goals, while two are high-performing. Which of the following is the recommended optimization strategy?

  • Shift budget from high-performing line items to the underperforming/underdelivering line items.
  • Adjust frequency caps on the underdelivering/underperforming line items to serve more impressions
  • Adjust frequency caps on the underdelivering/underperforming line items to serve less impressions
  • Shift budget from the underperforming and underdelivering line items to higher performing line items that are scaling.

A customer views an ad on April 1st, clicks the ad on April 4th, views the ad again on April 7th, and purchases the product on April 9th. Which of the following receives the credit for conversion?

  • April 4th click
  • April 1st impression
  • April 7th impression
  • April 9th purchase

There was a viewable video ad on September 25th, a non-viewable display ad on September 26th, a viewable video ad on October 1st, and a non-viewable display ad on October 3rd. The customer purchases the product on Oct 6th. Which of the following receives the credit for conversion?

  • October 6th
  • October 1st
  • September 26th
  • September 25th

Which type of advertiser(s) can leverage the Amazon DSP for link in campaigns?

  • Advertisers of brands that sell goods/services on Amazon
  • Advertisers of a service that Amazon does not offer
  • Any advertiser
  • Advertisers of a product under a category that Amazon does not offer

Which of the following metrics are non-ad-attributed?

  • Detail page view
  • Add to cart
  • Purchase
  • Retail insights

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