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Semrush Amazon Seller Certification Exam Answer

Semrush Amazon Seller Certification Exam

Semrush Amazon Seller Certification Exam Answer

Question1-What might you need to provide in order for Amazon to verify your identity?

  • Video call
  • Utility bills
  • Business license
  • Credit card statements
  • Birth certificate

Question 2-True or false: If you haven’t formed a business yet, you can put in your personal tax ID when creating an Amazon Seller Account and change it later.

  • False
  • True

Question 3-Why should you use your business address when creating an Amazon Seller Account?

  • The address will show on your Amazon store page.
  • Amazon will send returned products to this address.
  • It looks more professional.

Question 4-If you receive a customer message on Saturday at 5pm, by when does Amazon expect you to answer that message?

  • Sunday 5 PM
  • The following Saturday
  • Monday 1 PM
  • Saturday 11 PM

Question 5-If your IPI is below Amazon’s benchmarks what will happen to your account?

  • You will need to write a plan of action and submit it to Amazon.
  • You will not be allowed to list any additional inventory.
  • You will be suspended.
  • Your FBA storage will be limited next quarter.

Question 6-Why do you want to fix stranded inventory as quickly as possible?

  • You may receive negative reviews.
  • Amazon may suspend your account.
  • After 30 days without an offer, Amazon has the right to dispose of your inventory.
  • You will still be charged storage fees even though these items are not available for sale.

Question 7-If you wanted to change your price for an item you are selling on Seller Central, you would

  • You cannot edit your price on Amazon
  • Delete and relist your inventory
  • Edit the price in Seller Central in the Manage Inventory or Manage FBA Inventory pages on Seller Central
  • Submit a ticket to Seller Support with the ASIN and the new price

Question 8-A great title on Amazon … (check all that apply)

  • Includes your brand name
  • Includes all relevant keywords
  • Includes the name of the product
  • Follows Amazon’s style guidelines

Question 9-Check all that apply for primary images.

  • The image should include any available coupons.
  • Should be 85% of the image
  • The image should be on a pure white background.
  • The image must not contain gratuitous or confusing additional objects.

Question 10-Which Amazon ad types will display your product in search results?

  • Sponsored Listing
  • Sponsored Product Ads
  • Brand Advertising
  • Sponsored Brands

Question 11-How can you protect your listing once it has been created?

  • Purchase Brand Protection.
  • Register for Brand Registry.
  • Track your listing with the Sellerly Listing Protection tool.
  • Join Amazon’s FBA program.

Question 12-If you want to list a product that is already on Amazon, but it has incorrect information, what should you do?

  • Work to update the listing with the correct information.
  • Don’t list your product.
  • Create a new listing with the correct information.
  • Delete the listing.

Question 13-True or false: If your product does not have a GTIN you can request a GTIN Exception.

  • True
  • False

Question 14-What will determine the percentage referral fee that you will be charged by Amazon when your product sells?

  • The product category
  • The product price
  • The quantity sold
  • The product size

Question 15-Why is it important to have just the right amount of product stock when doing FBA?

  • If you are heavily overstocked, you will have more storage fees.
  • If you are heavily overstocked, your account may get suspended.
  • If you run out of stock, your account may get suspended.
  • If you run out of stock, you may lose ad money invested in ranking for a specific keyword.

Question 16-Which Amazon program helps you to access honest reviews in exchange for free products?

  • Early Reviewer Program
  • Brand Registry
  • Vine
  • Amazon Business

Question 17-Why should you add a clippable coupon to your product when launching?

  • You are more likely to rank better organically.
  • It can increase your click-through rate and your conversion.
  • Amazon shares the cost of the coupon with you.
  • It’s free and customers are happier.

Question 18-True or False: When doing split testing, you should only test small differences.

  • False
  • True

Question 19-What is a twister?

  • Another name for a product variation
  • A product that comes in different colors.
  • A product review that was negative, but gets changed to a positive review.
  • A special program with Amazon

Question 20-What happens if a parent listing gets deleted?

  • The children listings become orphans and are shown as individual products.
  • All the children listings get deleted too.
  • The first child listing created will become the parent listing.

Question 21-Why should you try a special program (Brand Registry, Subscribe and Save, Early Reviewer Programs) after a year?

  • Changes to the programs might have made them more viable for your products.
  • You shouldn’t try a special program if it didn’t work the first time around.
  • Beta listings aren’t completely retail ready.
  • Amazon likes it and will rank your product better organically.

Question 22-True or false: It is ok to have friends, family or employees review your products.

  • False
  • True

Question 23-The Early Review Program is designed to:

  • Allows you to email customers and offer a discount in exchange for a 5-star review
  • Expose your product to customers primarily shopping in the morning
  • Get your first 5 reviews
  • Get reviews for your products before you list them on Amazon

Question 24-Finish the sentence: “The best way to increase your total reviews is____”. Check all that apply.

  • Offer a free product in exchange for a 5-star review.
  • Use special programs like Early Reviewer Program and Vine.
  • Ask your friends and family to leave reviews for your products.
  • Use ads and coupons to encourage more purchases of your products.

Question 25-Why do you want to avoid your item going into Poor or Fair status?

  • You will have to pay more for advertising.
  • Amazon can remove your listing.
  • Amazon can suppress your listing.
  • Amazon will suspend your account.


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