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6+ Free Courses From Infosys Choice Based Credit System | Free Certification Course | Register Now

6+ Free Courses From Infosys Choice Based Credit System | Free Certification Course | Register Now

Infosys Springboard is a platform that provides amazing opportunities for students. They offer Internships, various other online courses but the drawback of their courses is that they don’t provide certificates. Well, to solve this problem they have launched 6+ Courses under Infosys Choice Based Credit System. Here you will get courses like AI and Data Science, Software Development & Agile, and API & Microservices.

Well to know more just stay read the entire post down below. You can have a look at all the courses and decide which one you want to do and get certified for free. So without wasting any time let’s begin with understanding.

What is Infosys Choice Based Credit System?

The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) offers students to opt for courses & subjects of their choice spanning core subjects, industry elective courses, MOOCs, and upskilling for new-age technical trends and careers. Educational institutions can use this in their curriculum where there is room for industry interventions like assessment/assignment components, credits for self-paced learning, and the like.

List of Courses Being Offered:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  • Foundational Data Science – 12 weeks
  • Citizen Data Science – 8 weeks
  • Artificial Intelligence Primer – 4 weeks
  • Software Development & Agile
  • Agile Software Development using Scrum – 8 weeks
  • Agile Software Development using Kanban – 4 weeks
  • APIs & Microservices
  • API and Microservices – 8 weeks

Benefits of the Program:

  • Opportunity to choose courses based on their interest areas.
  • Study at their own pace, place, and device.
  • Exposure to applying concepts learned to business problems.
  • Improves employability quotient for students and educational institutions.
  • Supported in the Govt. and National statutory bodies.

So these were the benefits that you can get when you register yourself for the program. Now let’s move on to our next part. i.e process to apply for the program.

Process of the Program:

The courses include week-wise learning content to be completed by the students including the assignments and quizzes which are to be submitted on the platform. The course duration varies from 4 to 12 weeks based on the coverage. Educational institutions can make this part of their credit point system and may offer anywhere between 1 to 3 credit points. These courses are well supported by Infosys masterclasses. On the successful completion of the course contents and activities, the video proctored certification for the course will be enabled and on successful completion, the learners earn an Infosys certificate. These certification courses will help you prepare for the IT industry. These are available for no cost and at your own pace and device.

Certificate: Yes, you can get a free verified certificate from Infosys Springboard on the successful completion of your chosen course. This Certificate is very valuable and adds great credibility to your resume.

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