Wednesday , April 17 2024
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ENROLL NOW: Learn GST in 90 Minutes

Free online gst certification

Course Syllabus

This course comprises of the following Module:s:

  • 01 Module: Introduction
  • 02 Module: What does history say?
  • 03 Module: What are the Taxes that GST axes?
  • 04 Module: Why do we need GST?
  • 05 Module: What are the Tax Points? (Part 1)
  • 06 Module: What are the Tax Points? (Part 2)
  • 07 Module: How Technology will be the great enabler?
  • 08 Module: What are the benefits of GST?
  • 09 Module: What are the impact & implications of GST?
  • 10 Module: What are the voices of caution?
  • 11 Module: Closing Thoughts

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