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5 life lessons we learned from COVID-19 Virus

Everything has changed drastically around the world in the last few month. The outbreak of coronavirus is not only an epidemic but a global pandemic as well. People are being advised everywhere to stay home and stay away from others to reduce the risk of infection.

Corona brought a flood of serious consequences, horrific illness and death with it, but it also revealed some valuable lessons in life.

Lesson No.#1:We are powerful when we stand together.

Someone should get himself immunized with a vaccine when he wishes to be safe from the flu. But if not everyone gets enough vaccine, what steps should we all take as citizens against a pandemic?

True, we can not contain the outbreak of the virus by social distancing alone, but we can flatten the curve of its spread and buy some precious time for those who fight for it

Lesson No.#2: Karma Exists

Our susceptibility to the Corona virus and our helplessness shows that advances in science and technology will do nothing when Nature takes revenge.

Throughout China, they consume nearly every animal from where this Corona virus originates and for this, they kill them a lot. And of this several animals are either extinct or on the verge of extinction. Each animal seems to be for us, there is no worth to life, they are only to be consumed, make medicine, sacrificed to satisfy our wishes and save our lives.

We have seriously disrupted nature’s entire environment, be it seas, trees, water, air, mountains, all over the world. We boast of scientific and technological advancement, but nature has shown us many times  to stop this life risking activities.

Nature has reacted intensely several times in the form of Tsunamis, Earthquake, Plague outbreaks, Draughts, Floods, etc. It has the potential to create another earthly mass extinction.

When we use our natural resources wisely and obey the philosophy of ‘live and let live’ we will make this planet more beautiful.

Lesson No.#3: Learn to live in any situation

To some people, it’s too hard to just be still and do nothing. Being alone, can be frustrating and lonely, particularly for extroverts. It can be very difficult to isolate oneself, but it can also tell you a lot about yourself. You know how to keep occupied. Eventually binge watching three seasons of a tv series will no longer be enough, and will have to try to find something more. 

Lesson No.#4: The world is small.

It is naive and insensitive to believe that the tragedy happening in one area of the planet has nothing to do with you when playing in your protected place, and the latest COVID-19 epidemic is the best reason for that.

We all have human consciousness somewhere in a mirror universe and we all feel directly responsible for whatever happens in this world. The best we can do in this situation is not to maintain a bystander’s emotional disposition. We need to be vigilant, educated, and adapt quickly to the rapid environmental changes, but most importantly we need to promote kindness and compassion.

Lesson No.#5: There is still much room for improvement.

If the time comes to remind our grandchildren how democratic and mature we were back in 2020, what are the stories we’re going to tell our grandchildren? I guess this is something we should all be meditating about.

I imagine a scene: a quiet winter evening in the year 2065, I am old and mellow sitting next to a crackling fireplace crackling in the living room of my cozy large home. Telling my grandkids once there was a war,where we fought for the paper toilet.”

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