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5 Day Free Certification Course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Apply Now

5 Day Free Certification Course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Apply Now


This FDP program aims to update knowledge on the current trends and future aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Course Objectives:

  • Upon the completion of the faculty development program the participants/trainee can understand/ gain knowledge in solving the realworld problems in AI and Machine Learning applications.
  • Latest tools and techniques in AI and Machine Learning.
  • Research oriented problem solving in the broad area of AI and Machine Learning.

Programme aims in understanding the following

  • Basics of AI, ML and DL, Supervised and unsupervised Algorithms.
  • Working with data pre-processing and data visualization using python.
  • Supervised learning like regression, Unsupervised Machine learning algorithms like SVM, KNN etc.
  • Deep learning techniques like single and multilayer perceptron, LSTM.
  • Introduction to AI, machine learning tools and techniques, Simple and multiple linear regression.
  • Neural networks and multilayer perceptron,Back propagation CNN applications.
  • Heuristic and metaheuristic techniques in AI.
  • Advanced research applications in Machine and Deep Learning.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of FDP, participants will be able to:

  • Explore topics in Machine learning and Deep learning for their research work.
  • Select the research topic.
  • Design and implement various Machine learning and Deep learning algorithms in a range of real-world application.

Resource Persons: The Sessions will be handled by the experts From IITs/ NITs/Central University and Professor from U.S. Universities.

Eligibility: The Programme is open to all Faculty/Research Scholars/PG Students/Industry Professionals.

Registration Deadline: 7 th November 2021.

Registration Fee:

  • Faculty, Research Scholars, and PG students: Rs.500/- (Five Hundred Rupees only).
  • Industry Professionals: Rs.1000/- (Thousand Rupees only).

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