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Big Data & Analytics NASSCOM Certification – Big Data Foundation Course by Digital Vidya

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Question 1: Data incoming from different sources/formats is which property of Big Data?

  • Velocity
  • Variety
  • Veracity
  • Volume

Question 2: The Traditional Grid computing systems have multiple worker as well as storage systems but they suffer from storage bottleneck issues. True or False?

  • True
  • False

Question 3: Which is not the characteristic of Distributed Computing?

  • Fault Intolerant
  • Concurrent
  • Scalability
  • Centralized System
  • All of them

Question 4: Difference/Similarity between Traditional Grid Computing & Big Data Grid Computing?

  • Each worker node has its own storage system in the Big Data Grid
  • There is only one worker node but multiple storage systems in the Big Data Grid
  • Both have master node

Question 5: Which were the earliest technologies developed for Big Data?

  • HDFS, MR, Hive, Pig
  • Heavy Distributed File System, Pig, MR, Solr
  • HDFS, Pig, MR, Solr
  • 2nd and 3rd Option

Question 6: Which all industries from given options can be case studies for Big Data?

  • FMCG
  • Health Care
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • All of them

Question 7: What are the database characteristics required?

  • ACID(Atomicity, Concurrency, Isolation, Durability)
  • ACID(Atomicity, Concurrency, Isolation, Durability)
  • ACID(Atomicity, Consistency, Integrity, Durability)
  • ACID(Availability, Consistency, Isolation, Durability)
  • ACID(Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability)

Question 8: Pivotal, Action, Teradata, etc. are the leading Big Data platform providers which are used by industries instead of implementing the infrastructure by themselves. True or False?

  • True
  • False

Question 9: What are the key highlights of Big Data Business Model Maturity Index?

  • Business Monitoring, Optimization, Integrity; Data Monetization; Business Metamorphosis
  • Business Monitoring, Consistency, Integrity; Data Monetization; Business Metamorphosis
  • Business Monitoring, Optimization, Insights; Data Monetization; Business Metamorphosis
  • None

Question 10: Which is not the step included in the Data Scientist’s work?

  • Discovery
  • Model Building
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Dashboard creation

Question 11: Data from various sources, Data cleaning & Sorting, Presentation are the building blocks of a Data Ware house. True or False?

  • True
  • False

Question 12: Select True statement from below statements:

  • Modern Data warehouses are built on Hadoop Distributed File Systems
  • RDBMS cannot co-exist with Hadoop technologies
  • Data warehouses cannot be built on Hadoop systems
  • Report tools can be directly used on Hadoop

Question 13: Which of the following is correct for CAP theorem?

  • AP – RDBMS
  • CP – MongoDB, HBase
  • CA – Cassandra, Dynamo
  • None of the above

Question 14: What is the alternative to Map-Reduce in Hadoop Ecosystem?

  • YARN
  • HDFS
  • Tez
  • Spark

Question 15: Which Hadoop technology is used for 1) scheduling tasks, 2) managing coordination between master and slave nodes?

  • Oozie – Ambari
  • Zookeeper – Oozie
  • YARN – Zookeeper
  • Oozie – Zookeeper

Question 16: Which open source Hadoop technology is used for both data flow & Machine Learning tasks?

  • Map Reduce
  • Spark
  • HBase
  • Mahout

Question 17: The technologies that can be used for 1) SQL on Hadoop 2) Streaming real-time data?

  • HBase – Pig
  • Kafka – Hive
  • Hive – KAFKA

Question 18: Which of the following stand for Hadoop 1.x Vs. Hadoop 2.x?

  • 1.x Limited scaling till 4000 nodes – 2.x Better scalability up to 10000 nodes
  • Manual intervention is not needed in both as both have multiple NameNodes
  • 1.x Limitation in serving as platform for data-related activities – 2.x Can server as a platform
  • None stands

Question 19: Select the components of Hadoop Cluster

  • Master-NameNode
  • Slave-DataNode
  • NameNode
  • Client

Question 20:  What all are examples of automation used for Data Ingestion using AI?

  • Inferring global schema from local tables mapped to it
  • Given a global table, infer which local table it should be ingested into
  • Infer synonyms for data normalization
  • Detect duplication of records

Question 21: Which of the following is an example of MongoDB query?

  • Select * from Students where name like “_BAC”;
  • Db.Students.find({“name”:/.*BAC/})
  • Db.Students.findall({“name”:/.*BAC/})
  • None

Question 22: Which of the following is not a component of Big Data Pipeline?

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Subscribe
  • Messaging

Question 23: What are the advantages of Data Lake on Data Warehouse?

  • Can store all types of data
  • Highly Agile/flexible
  • Matured
  • All of above

Question 24: Which framework is used in place of MR currently?

  • HBase
  • Spark
  • YARN
  • None of the above

Question 25: Spark Dataframes are:

  • Distributed datasets
  • Immutable
  • Disabled for distributed computations
  • Enabled for distributed computations

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