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NIT Karnataka 5-Day Workshop on Machine Learning and its Applications

NIT Karnataka 5-Day Workshop on Machine Learning and its Applications

About the Workshop:

Machine Learning (ML) is becoming ubiquitous, encompassing applications in a wide variety of domains and increasingly becoming popular and important. This motivates us to understand the theory and practice of the domain to come up with engineering solutions for a wide variety of application problems. The subject lies in the intersection of statistics, probability theory, computer science and algorithmic aspects. Consequently, it is essential to understand theoretical principles of ML to build an intelligent application which may need learning from the data and finding hidden patterns and insights.

Many of the time a minute-level technical details are abstracted away and hidden which leads to the situation wherein a practitioner becomes unaware of the design procedures which may limit the use of machine learning techniques. There is a necessity of having a thorough mathematical understanding of many of the concepts for a good grasp of the inner workings of the ML algorithms. The workshop on Machine Learning and Applications aims at giving a mathematical understanding of the principles and practical techniques for enthusiastic researchers and practitioners who are interested to learn more about the theory and practice behind successful machine learning-based solution techniques.

The workshop is intended to give an understanding of the foundational mathematical and algorithmic concepts of machine learning which intern motivates their usefulness in giving a machine learning solution to a variety of engineering problems.


  • Introduction to machine learning
  • Matrix methods for machine learning
  • Probabilistic methods for machine learning
  • Machine learning as a pattern recognition problem
  • Deep generative models
  • ML and Deep learning applications
  • Hands on Python programming: Pandas, Numpy, TensorFlow
  • Hands on machine learning with scikit-learn and TensorFlow


Online mode using Google Meet

Last date for registration:19-02-2021
Confirmation by E-mail:20-02-2021
Workshop Dates:22-02-2021 to 26-02-2021

Note: This is an online workshop, and there is no registration fee. Registration is mandatory. E-Certificate will be issued only to the registered participants with full participation in the workshop.

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